Biker Down – Shahram Moghadamnia

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From: Jason
Subject: cyclist killed
Just wanted to inform people that another cyclist has been killed by a negligent driver. On Saturday, April 19, Shahram, a friend and customer of mine, was killed about two miles from our shop in Golden, CO. He was killed when a postal truck driver crossed the line and hit him. Shahram had stopped by for some air and chat on his way out for his ride up Lookout Mountain. He was hit coming back home. He was always a happy guy and remembered people’s names. His ride passed by the shop and he would always stop in on his way out. He should be remembered as well. Thanks for your work to not let these things go unnoticed. Here is the link to the local news story on it.

More here:

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4 Replies to “Biker Down – Shahram Moghadamnia”

  1. Here is a copy of an email I sent to Big Jonny a few days ago about bikers down and the police that investigate the accidents:

    This morning, I was in the gym desperately trying to work off the excess adipose tissue that has collected like a 650c around my midsection when I saw a news segment on Good Morning America. There was no hot trim to check out on the cardio machines so I had to hold my breakfast down while looking at the fugly mug of Barbara Walters

    There was a clip about a police officer who was treated by the driver who had been pulled over after the office was clipped by an SUV(big suprise) that was passing by the scene

    Here is the link:

    In the story that followed, they talked about 157 officers killed in 2007 by being sideswiped by drivers while making routine traffic stops

    Apparently they have created a one line PSA to both the drivers who have pulled over to the shoulder as well as drivers passing by the scene of the traffic stop:
    “Move Over America”

    All I have to say is this is pure fucking hypocrisy! Have we as cyclists been asking for drivers to move over for us for how many years? How many cyclists are killed or permanently disabled when in a legal bike lane or on the (supposed) correct side of the while line on the shoulder? Based on the biker down posts on your site, I would say that figure is waaaay above 157!

    I find some type of irony in the situation as well, since we are supposed to be taking pity and having consideration for the same group of people who have a CLEAR BIAS in favor of drivers when it is a bicyclist versus motorist situation.

    Last, these dumb fucks in uniform can’t survey the situation before leaving their cruiser and get on their loudspeaker and tell the motorist to pull farther onto the shoulder? Also, what happened to the technique of them parking with their front end of the car biased outward almost into the road to almost “force” passing drivers to give them a wide berth?

    I know as a Catholic I’m not supposed to believe in Karma (maybe that’s why priests fondle the nuts of little boys, because they think there will be no repercussions?), but I think these officers being killed is some type of poetic justice for the lack of due diligence in their investigations and filing of charges (or lack thereof) against drivers who kill cyclists..

    Last, Good Morning America acted like it was some tragedy. Last I checked, isn’t the possible loss of life an assumed risk that one takes when choosing be a police officer and enforce the law (even when even pulling someone over for going 2 MPH over the speed limit)?

  2. I have been following this one (I have sources don’cha know) and it looks like there was a mechanical malfunction in the truck that caused a loss of control. I’m still trying to get more details, but from what I was told it was either brakes or steering, maybe both at the same time. Possibility of unlawful activity is still present, but it looks like the cyclist was unintended collateral damage if there was something going on.