Whiskey 50

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Another Whiskey in the books. This years event was rightfully dedicated to last years winner Mike Janelle. Janelle died last November at the all-too-young age of 40. (Doug wrote a post about him at the time.)

From an Epic Rides press release:

Ride Like Mike
In honor of Mike Janelle, Epic Rides has made a few additions to the Whiskey Off-Road in effort to help everyone get a better understanding for who Mike Janelle was and why he was so fun to hang out with. Additions include…

  • Ice cream sandwiches, one of Mike’s favorite foods to eat while riding, will be available at the 50 proof turn around point; now, the Skull Valley Café. Participants can indulge in an ice cream sandwich from the Skull Valley Café and hopefully get the extra boost necessary to climb out of Skull Valley in record time…
  • Mike’s father, Jack Janelle, and close friend, Jay Henry, will share a couple stories and provide some of their personal experiences with Mike during the pre-ride meeting on Friday evening.
  • Ride Like Mike… everyone riding will have the opportunity to join some of Mike’s closest friends, riding buddies and family including Jay Henry, Jimi Mortenson, Gretchen Reeves, Nat Ross, Myron Billy and many many other people at the start line and along the route… Ride like Mike!

Jay Henry and Jimi Mortenson of Tokyo Joe’s came through and uncorked a can of whoop ass on the place. I can’t say if they indulged in any ice cream sandwiches or not, but damn. Two words for ya: Course record. Results are up here: epicrides.com/…wor_results_2008

Yes, Brian Lugers nailed down a 3:18 back in 2005. But that was on the shorter course. There are miles more singletrack now, in addition to the added overall length. I think Henry’s 3:21 is going to be up there for a while. And, in my humble opinion, it should be.

One thing I noticed looking over the results was the consistency of Mike Janelle. In 2006 he came in third at 3:33:58.62. The next year, in 2007, he took the win with a 3:33:02.26.

Think of all the variables in a 50 mile off road event; the wind and weather conditions, the jostling for position heading into (and on) the singletrack, the manual refilling of bottles at aid stations… And he’s within 60 seconds in back to back years.

Yesterday was one hell of a day.

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