Sunday is a fun day

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I groaned and rolled over. She asked what was wrong. I replied, “The Sixers are gonna lose today.”

She turned to me and sat halfway up with her elbow beneath her, “Hey, buck up.”

“And one thing we do know, for sure, no matter what, Tom Boonen will win today.”

We high fived right then and there. Then we went downstairs for coffee. It’s true what they say – some days are better than others.

From: Johnny
Subject: Cyclist assulted at gunpoint
This happened right in my daily range. First time I’ve heard of a gun being
pulled on a cyclist around here, but maybe I’m not too surprised.…

That “assult suspect”, Mr. Brown, looks like one hell of a nice guy. He should be in a Quentin Tarantino film.

From: Dan
New training regimen:
Ride as many miles as you weigh (in lbs.)
i.e. 165lb = 165 miles a week.
Drink your wieght in oz. in beer.
i.e. 165lbs = 165oz of beer.

Guaranteed results or your money back.

Shit, I gotta try something. Might as well be that.

Link dump:

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9 Replies to “Sunday is a fun day”

  1. Also Hitler’s birthday. Make sure to irritate your local racist with “You lost the war; get over it.”

    (applies to german idiots or redneck ‘The South will Rise Again’ crackers.)

  2. Some days are better than others…some girls are bigger than others.

    Yesterday I did a local charity ride with my wife, and afterwards met an old racing buddy doing the same thing with his dad. The ride went through a somewhat “sketchy” neighborhood down here in the far-flung southern suburbs of Chicago, but it didn’t seem quite that bad for a “governmentally-assisted-living” community. Then, my buddies dad tells me he had an Escalade roll up on him, drop a window, and say “You in motherfuckin’ IRAQ now…and you gonna get killed!” Classy.

  3. ..hats off to JR Grabinger for the well deserved win at the NRC ranked Sea Otter race (see Jonny’s link) I hear tell part of your prize is a little stuffed sea otter. I’m sure that’s what kept him going through the 40 mph crosswinds on a 60 mile breakaway.

  4. Go Sixers.Fuck the Flyers and “Freedom Watch” Ed Snider(tho he owns the Sixers too