recently i went to austin…

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recently the wife and i went to austin to share in the ever so pleasant nuptials of two friends. this is us (mostly me) on the plane at 430am:
red eye flights get you there early
when you take the red eye you get there early. then you should start drinking. the breakfast (maybe it was a lunch) place didn’t open until 1030am, but the liquor store open at 1000am so here we are with a few lone stars in the alley behind the restaurant:
drinking in the alley.
then the groom had things to do, so we spent the rest of the day in the bar. some nice place right by campus, the anchor and whistle or something. they had a video game simulating that real-life game where you throw the bean bags at the hole in the ply-wood. they should have just had the real life game where you throw the bean bags at the hole in the ply-wood, that would have been more fun. but we did get to watch some pre-season baseball. here is a picture of the tv:
a suprisingly clear picture of baseball on the tv
on the walk back to the grooms house we saw some real life texas rangers. I am not sure, but i think that they can do what ever they want, like shoot first, then not even ask questions. here there are:
real texas rangers
this was going to be a really long day. we still had the bachelor party and two stepping and bar-b-q here is jereme on the walk back:
a piss i guess he really had to go.
that night we had some bar-b-q during the bachelor party. we got more loaded and ate real texas Bar-b-q. it was super good, but the potato salad tasted a little sour so i didnt eat it:
the carnage
then we went to the broken spoke and met up with the ladies. this place is alright, two stepping, booze, dudes in pearl snap shirts that arent hipsters. fun was had by all, and here is a sponsor shot:
megan looking fine in the wrist band.
megan needed that sweat band to clear her brow after all the sweet two stepping. i would show a picture of said two stepping but i was to busy two stepping to take any pictures. side note: i am awful at two stepping, even megan thinks so. after the broken spoke we slept in some cabin in some park. way to drunk at this point to remember to take any pictures, but i am pretty sure we had a permit to stay there, although no one could confirm that as fact.
the rehearsal dinner and wedding was on a ranch in a small town called fredricksburg an hour or two outside austin. it was really fun, but for some reason unknown to me this is the only picture i took, and this was actually in johnson city, on the way out to the ranch (you might not want to click on it because its a way bigger file than the rest and i dont know how to re-size it (what can i say, im a hack):

that was our trip to austin. have a lovely day.

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13 Replies to “recently i went to austin…”

  1. The bar would either be the Crown and Anchor or the Dog and Duck. One is on the north end of campus and one is on the south end. The Crown is one of the best places ever. It’s crowd is mostly graduate students, cyclists, professors, and anyone else who wants to show up. Unlike most places, sharing a table is encouraged and I’ve met at lot of good people there. More places should be that friendly. Since I don’t live in Austin anymore, I can’t call myself a regular, but I do make it into town every month or so to get my day drunk on…

  2. A-town comes strong…break. Wait that is Atlanta. Austin is awesome, except it is the Swamp Ass capital of the planet. Seriously, it is hotter than two rats fuckin’ in a wool sock in the summer. FM roads everywhere and a shit ton of shoulder…….and Shiner kid.

  3. Austin sucks????? I’ll admit it’s got a few too many hipsters (and they really like fixies), but other than that, it’s a great town. You must have only been to 6th Street, that is a cesspool. There’s only three good places to go on 6th: The Alamo – Ritz, Jackalope, and Casino El Camino (best burgers in town…) The rest of 6th blows. Outside of there, it’s got lots of cool bars. Lots of good Mexican food. Best BBQ anywhere. Best swimming holes in the country. Prettiest women (no, not the vapid Dallas or Houston women). And it’s legal for them to go topless, which they do at Barton Springs. Closer to Mexico than any other state. It’s not in Texas. It’s in Central Texas, which is the blue in a sea of red. You should come sometime. That is, unless you are afraid of the heat . Not that nice dry heat of the desert… Oh wait you’re in Germany aren’t you? It’s still winter there isn’t it? Too bad…

  4. …ouch, el jefe…that’s like offering a man tequila, lime & enough salt to maybe rub in a wound when he’s finished his shot…

    …just sayin’…

  5. Grew up next to Ft. Worth, made many a road trip to the big A. In fact, one of the best times I had was going there for South by Southwest (10 year anniversary, no less…) Seeing Iggy Pop and funkadelic with George Clinton; too many bands to name, really. the best part is, I was sent on someone else’s dime to write for a magazine.

    So yes, Austin is an island of liberalism in a sea of shithead rednecks, but I still stand by statement for the most part.

    Don’t get me started on the whole ‘legal-to-carry’ business. If you have to post signs telling folks NOT to bring their guns to town… well, that’s just asking for shit.

    And yes, i prefer snow over swelter.

    And the best barbecue comes outta Angelo’s. Trust me.

  6. Yea Verily you have sinned mightily against Austin in particular & the Hill Country in general.
    Things missed..Lone Star, Shiner, Migas, Chicken Fried Steak, cheap Mexican Commercial brownweed, Andersen’s vs Ruta Maya coffee, MFA strippers, drinking & pronouncing Pflugerville, making sniper jokes by the UT tower, german deer sausage..and worst of all, never…never
    never forget the Alamo.


  7. mmmmmm. Tequila. On the rocks. No lime or salt needed.

    bp, I see you have perspective, unlike many of the people who rip on Texas. I’ll still take the heat over the snow. I’ve heard of Angelo’s, but never had the pleasure. I’m a Rudy’s fan. ( They’ve got a few locations, so you’ve got to find one with a good pit-boss. Their sauce is the bomb. Truth is, it’s hard to find bad bbq in Texas.

    Now, if I could just find the basement of the Alamo…

  8. …hell, at least i long ago got over thinkin’ lime in my beer was a good idea & then i notice somebody’s selling it that way nowadays along w/ caffeinated alcohol…

    …how fuckin’ hip (read: pretentious) do people need to think they are anyway ???…


  9. I was in Austin for all of two or three days once. It was enough to tell you that town is fun as hell. I’d go there again in a heartbeat.