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12 Replies to “Broken Social Scene”

  1. Honestly…with 10 people in the band, I would’ve thought the odds were in their favor for having at least one with some talent. All Canadiens SURELY should know it only takes THREE guys to make an ass-kickin’ sound…Geddy, Alex and Neill.

  2. find Kurt out of Seattle from the old band “Bicycle”. Fine Stuff. Hard to find though.

  3. can we just post up ALL the ghey 80’s moozak and be done with it? I mean, those are the music roots of that band, right? Here, switch-hit these until you can’t tell if your penis is in your ass, or your ass is around your penis, and when you’re done, can we have some fucking music?


  4. more music, better music.
    less poetry, or better poetry.
    adrienne freaking rich for god’s sake.
    merwin…TS e, ferllinghetti
    at a reading the wise novice mixes in a couple of master’s with his or her own.

    just sayin.

  5. Someone should tell them that they have too many band members. Seriously. Their sound == lead guitar, backup guitar, bass, drums and vocals, but they have 10 people up there.