I cheered for a junkie

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I’m not ashamed to admit it, I had a photo of Bjarne Riis I cut out of some cycling magazine on the front door of my fridge back in ’96.

My hero was a junkie.

Oh well. At least he hasn’t killed anyone.

From: Hurlkowski
Subject: Poetry in Motion
Yo Jonny,
Seen on a sticker in Portland last weekend:
“Fixies are the new Rollerblades.”

Fruit Booters Unite!

Ah yes, that one ought to sting a little.

From: C.
Subject: We are in the wrong game.
Seriously guys… 4 million minimum???? Jeeez…

Yeah. I wasted my early twenties on girls my same age. I had no idea what was at stake…

Can I get a do-over?

From: Al
Subject: bring ’em down
Granted, I live under a rock and don’t watch much TV. But, how did I miss this one?? Rock’n’roll man! Now were talkin’!!

Newsvine – Vermont Town To Issue Arrest Warrant For Bush

Is it to late to register in Brattleboro?
All I know is that when that boy loses his job next year… there’s probably going to be some peeps looking for him, eh?

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20 Replies to “I cheered for a junkie”

  1. “Fruitbooting boy-toy looking for some cougar action. Capable of drinking with the boys and still grinding out some cougar-love after the party’s over.”

    Like the saying goes…

    ‘I might be too drunk to fuck, but I’m never too drunk to try.’

  2. uh, guys…dopamine, runner’s high, that look in people’s eye when they hear the weekly mileage.
    figure it out.
    pretty much anyone who turns a crank that much is some kind of junkie.
    racer’s especially go down that road a lot.
    part of life as a meat machine.
    not a pretty part.

  3. The asian “cougar” at the beginning of the video was pretty cute, but that nasty old bleach-blonde meat that was getting all the camera time towards the end was unacceptable. Who cares if she buys you nice shit? A fleet of custom-built Seven’s or IF’s wouldn’t take the sting out of all those evenings that you spent with your face buried in a sweaty catcher’s mitt of prolapsed flesh.

  4. I was a Ski Instructor in Vail as a 19-20 year old. Man that stuff flowed like water. All I wanted to do was blast powder and Race Bikes. God I was dumb.

  5. for a cool 4mil, I’ll take the catcher’s mit sandmich in a heartbeat. Really guys, if you have to tag it twice a week for a year, the math is about $35,000 everytime you give her the “o”. Shit, my wife would probably insist I do it. We would still both walk away with 2mil each (get it?)


  6. “The asian “cougar” at the beginning of the video was pretty cute, but that nasty old bleach-blonde meat that was getting all the camera time towards the end was unacceptable.”

    Interesting. I saw it the exact opposite. Takes all kinds.

  7. …do french announcers take a course on ‘how to talk through your nose’ ???…

    …money, money, money ! jeezus, now it’s all about the money…
    … when i was a young man, i had integrity, dammit…i had cougar on the side, not cuz i wanted her money, but because she gave the best head in the world…

    …just honestly sayin’…

  8. Saw Bjarne on Wednesday in SanJo and all that kept crossing through my mind was “60%”.

    Portland is the land of the fixies, saw many of them before I ended up in the gay bar during the handmade show weekend.

  9. Hej herr John
    comments from cph the homeland of riis, just tonight we watched the danish radio/tv dr.dk documentary “tavhedens pris” the price for silence. Riis looking troubled lying, trouble being a pro rider..
    If its the day for cheer massive drug abuse for cycle junikes this film is good, full of garbage digging, both literally and all out in the search for epos italian fathers. blood doping of moser in the hour record power take from mexico df in the 80ties and so on gringos in the us track team in 96 . any good documents about that lab and pro dope program.. saludos

  10. my back aches, my legs are sore. yet I still look at the poster on the wall and pound even harder to finish my workout. Why…?
    Because they somehow inspire me to try and acheave…

  11. “fixies are the new rollerblades” Now that is some funny shit.

    I used to cheer for Tyler, Lance, Landis etc. They are strong cyclists regardless. Little doping puts the icing on the cake.

  12. 29’r off road fixxies are not rollerblades.. they’re worse, which ois funny cuz i think rollerblades are great, but then again i grew up on ice so i’ve no problem sliding along.. and regardless of how much anomosity people have to peddle i can still watch someone attack repeatedly on a climb and get excited.. so aaaanyway