Wittmann, Arizona: Man sent to prison for hit & run of cyclist

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A Wittmann man has been sent to prison for a hit-and-run traffic crash that sent an 18-year-old bicyclist to the hospital with critical injuries.

Jeffrey Scott Darden, 33, who received a 21-month term behind bars, was taken into custody after sheriff’s deputies found a damaged pickup truck that figured in the crash Dec. 26, 2006.

He was sentenced Dec. 20, nearly a year later, following a six-day trial in Superior Court in which jurors found him guilty of leaving the scene of a serious-injury accident.

…The crash occurred while Smith was cycling with a 16-year-old friend near Wittmann, a community northwest of Surprise, investigators said.

More here: azcentral.com

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7 Replies to “Wittmann, Arizona: Man sent to prison for hit & run of cyclist”

  1. The question is what would have been his sentence if he hadn’t left the scene?

    They piled it on for leaving, which makes sense, but if his negligence caused the accident what was the penalty for that?

    Cause either way you look at it, 21 months doesn’t seem like much for sending a cyclist to hospital with critical injuries.

    Just ask Jonny…

  2. I think he should be caned.
    And then sent in for 21 months.
    And then never be allowed to drive again. He has to ride a bike.

  3. I just want to know that the driver is going to be paying (as in $$) for the cyclit’s pain and suffering for as long as the injuries cause pain and/or suffereing. My leg never got back more than 80% after the wreck, and brain damage just gets worse over time. After he gets out of prison, he should be required to provide a certain dollar amount every month to his victim, or go back to prison…