Things that I used to do…

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The United States used waterboarding in terrorism interrogations but no longer does, a former U.S. spy chief said in the Bush administration’s clearest confirmation of the technique’s use.

Oh, now the line is “we used to do it…”

U.S. officials have been reluctant to acknowledge the CIA’s use of the simulated drowning technique, which human rights groups call an illegal form of torture

Yeah, I’ll say they’ve been reluctant to acknowledge it. It’s like saying “I used to cheat on my taxes like a mother fucker, but not so much anymore.”

The next line just falls into place, doesn’t it? “Lets not dwell on the past, lets talk about the future.”

Or, as Negroponte actually said it: “I get concerned that we’re too retrospective and tend to look in the rearview mirror too often at things that happened four or even six years ago.”

Did they get Negroponte drunk before/during the National Journal interview?

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3 Replies to “Things that I used to do…”

  1. OK…..brain fart for all.

    Does anyone here believe we did NOT torture people during the Cold War ? Or any other war we’ve been in the last 200+ years ?

    GWB is a world class asshole but I think all he really did was get caught.