Color me nonplussed…

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whatever that means… But this is not even remotely surprising… but still quite saddening.

The US has refused visas for the Iran’s national cycling team who wish to take part in the World Cup competition held in Los Angeles.

Iranian cycling team, which include Hassan-Ali Varposhti, Farshid Farsinejadian and Mahmoud Parash, were slated to fly to the US after international competitions inVienna, but the US refused to issue their visas.

The cyclists were to attend the Los Angeles World Cup as a preliminary qualifier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The Cycling World Cup competitions began January 18 and will end on the 20th. 

Fuckin come ON. These guys might be the only non-doped team on the entire planet right now. I can see the cinderella story now…

“Raised on wooden wheels, and lead-filled frames; fed nothing but a steady diet of goat meat and tabouleh, the Iranian cycling team has dominated using the tried and true method of ‘hard-as-nails’ training as seen in Rocky IV; where Sly trains in Siberia to defeat his Russian contender played by Dolph Lundgren…”

Seriously… what else do these fuckers have to look forward to? Bad call IMHO.


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3 Replies to “Color me nonplussed…”

  1. One more example of the measures our country takes to instill good faith in the middle east. I am sure this will have a huge impact on Irans foreign policy in the future.
    How sad.

  2. They should really let them come over to our house and play. Who knows, they might enjoy the US scene and people enough to say something good when they get back to the good ole Axis Of Evil. That right there would double the amount good press we’ve gotten in the last 7 years.