Bike collection for us all.

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Came across an article in the paper today about bikes. At the end was a link to what I presumed was one of the manufacturers of a cargo-bike. What I got was much cooler, in a way. Allow me to present to you, the loyal DC peruser, SMART MOVE.

„Smart Move“ presents us with the photographer Bernhard Angerer’s iconic mise-en-scène of 50 bicycles from the Embacher Collection: racing bikes with particularly subtle details; folding bikes with strikingly clever mechanisms or others that were quite spectacular failures; lovingly designed touring bikes (even if they are more satisfying to look at when parked than in use); track bicycles without brakes, reduced to pure speed; bikes that even at the best attempts defy categorization?hardly any matches the popular image of a normal bicycle.

You can even buy huge prints for huge money, if you are so inclined. Such as this…

I might not get the 3500-euro print of any of those, but that book will reside on my nightstand very shortly. Also, the few bikes you can click on and read about are a hoot. Like the skate-bike. That looks like something you’d only try drunk in Minnesota instead of ice fishing…


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4 Replies to “Bike collection for us all.”

  1. “That looks like something you’d only try drunk in Minnesota instead of ice fishing…”

    Hate to disappoint.

    But us New Jerseyans are just as drunk and just as stupid.

    Hell, I’d try that sober. Not that I ever am you understand.

    Just saying.

  2. I tried that skate bike when I was a kid on my bmx. only with a X-country ski. and I was too young to be drunk