What do Michael Rasmussen, Denis Menchov and Michael Boogerd have in common?

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The German public television station ARD had implicated all three of ’em in a blood doping scheme through the Humanplasma lab, and Austrian-based laboratory which has facilities in Vienna.

Officials from that office refused to comment when contacted by VeloNews late Tuesday and said a lawyer would be addressing questions Wednesday. However, German biathlon officials were quick to deny the allegations, as were Boogerd, retired Austrian pro George Totschnig and interim Rabobank manager Henri van der Aat.

“There are a lot of rumors in the world of cycling. People are throwing mud at each other and the Germans are jumping to conclusions about doping without proof,” said van der Aat. “What we do know are the blood monitoring tests we’ve done with the team. We’ve looked at all of them and there’s nothing suspicious. Unless there’s an official inquiry, we’re not going to investigate this story.”

Van der Aat said he was trying to reach Menchov, who was out on his bike during a team training camp in Spain. But Boogerd, who retired at the end of the 2007 season, told Van der Aat that he had “nothing to do with all this.”

“I’ve never had a hint of scandal in my entire career. What the hell is this?” he added.

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So yesterdays news. I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one. Sue me.

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