More Ball(s)

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Had he really penned Mario Cipollini? I mean, really? Its enough to make me want to buy his pants.

Ok, just kidding. About the (girl) pants. Cipo is apparently on the level. Or as level as Rock Racing can get. Go figure.

Former world champion Mario Cipollini could be back in the saddle as a professional at next month’s Tour of California as the long-rumored comeback with Rock Racing looks closer to being a done deal.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 40-year-old colorful Italian has signed a contract to join the U.S. domestic team in a dual role of manager and racer. A formal announcement could come as soon as today at the opening day of the team’s training camp in Malibu, California.

The pairing of Cipollini, who retired in 2005, and outspoken team owner Michael Ball has quietly been in the works for months since the pair met at Interbike in Las Vegas last fall.

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My own sources (yes, I said “sources) can neither confirm or deny this one. Take that as you will.

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13 Replies to “More Ball(s)”

  1. Its like the Brittany/Paris rolling tabloid train wreck of the cycling world. What’ll happen next? They’ll all issue an apology and then check into rehab?

    I’ll bet Lance is glad to have the spotlight pointed elsewhere.

  2. So yeah the rumor has it Rock Racing is going to be at Brea this year. You know the massacre. It should be interesting if it is true.
    “Half of Rock Racing was taken out in the second to last lap of Brea. Sources (and yes I am wearing my press hat) said “they fell while in the front of the pack of their own accord, due to trying to give each other injections.” Not saying anything, just saying, I will be there with the big fake syringe along the side of the course, when they go by!!

  3. …mario, i pay you to win, bitch !!!…

    …i can see ol’ cipo getting back in good enough shape to sit in & then kick it for the win in domestic crits…

  4. it’s simple. Ball is a wack job, but a smart one. Like it or not, you have NO QUESTION what Cock and Republic is….and what they sell. Which the last time I checked is why companies sponsor cycling teams. Bad publicity is better than none i guess….still going to be a train wreck, but you will all watch.

  5. Rock Racing is the best thing to happen to road racing in the U.S recent years. Their bringing some serious change to the status quo of the good old boys club. Love him or hate him MB has taken on the old establishment of cycling which is broken. MB has a huge mouth and is adept at putting his foot there, but he has a big wallet to back it up. The damn road cycling needs some “good vs. evil” shit going on. Yeah, his dip shit staff bought the wrong UCI licence this year, and it won’t be the last oops from him, but give the guy some credit that he is trying to pump some life and money into a battered sport that all the potential sponsors don’t have the “balls” to do. You don’t have to like the guy, which I’m sure from lots of blogs are hoping he fails, I hope the get their shit together and kick some ass this year.
    TOC should be great, the Slipstream boys and their reformed Saint David Millar vs. the evil Puerto suspects of Rock Racing.
    It should be a kick in the ass to watch.

  6. What happened to my comment from yesterday about Super Mario being my wife’s fav bike racer? Was it because I called her a crazy Italian woman? She is a crazy italian woman.