Biker Down: Jose Rincon

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This one will break your heart in two.

I know it did mine.

Every night before 14-year-old Jose Rincon went to bed, he gave his parents a hug, a kiss and said he loved them. That’s one of the things his father, Jose Rincon Sr., said he’ll miss.

“He was so loving and so gentle and I think that’s the biggest thing we’re going to miss about him,” Jose Rincon Sr. said.

Rincon says his son was going to spend the night at a friend’s house Saturday and would be home in the morning. But around 7:30 p.m., the phone rang. It was the fire department.

“I was hoping that they were going tell me they were doing some kind of vandalism things or just something we were going to be upset about…so hoping it wasn’t going to be what I heard next,” Rincon said.

The fire department told him his son was riding his bike with a friend near Broadway and Harrison Roads when a car went off the road and onto the shoulder where the two were riding. The driver allegedly hit his son from behind, killing him.

Ryberg has several posts up over at about this tragedy. Here is a snip of his latest one:

The driver of the vehicle is in custody, according to this very-painful-to-read article. The bicyclists were not in the road. The motorist drove off the road and hit them from behind.

I think every person convicted of violating the three foot rule or hitting a cyclist should be sentenced to read the entirety of this heartbreaking blog about Noah Cardamon to understand the pain and grief they could bring someone by their actions.

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6 Replies to “Biker Down: Jose Rincon”

  1. RIP Jose, 1 year younger than my boy. * sad *
    I’m still wondering how long i have made it on the road as a kid
    riding BMX everyday all day.

    Make laws that work i say!! This person should never see a drivers
    lic again. Cars are weapons.

    Reminds me of my 4years in Vegas with all the DUI drivers.. man
    that was a trip. Feel sorry for riders in that town tho-

    be safe all,