Billy Penn is going nuclear

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From: Corey the Courier
Subject: Billy Penn is going nuclear
That curse is still in effect. The whole curse is based upon a gentlemen’s agreement not to put the interests of the few above the many. The Comcast building is the epitome of the exact opposite of this principle, using public dollars to finance the construction of a corporate skyscraper twice the height of City Hall, tinkering with the web access of its customers, overcharging, etc. Putting a tiny William Penn statue on the Comcast building is like telling your wife that you won’t continue to have sex with prostitutes, but you’ll still accept blowjobs from strangers at the bar.

I have since given up hope of watching a successful Philly sports after seeing the final panels installed on this monument to the mediocrity. Flyers stinking on ice, Eagles stinkin’ at the Lincoln, The 76ers -excuse me, Sixers- you can’t even give away tickets to see that misery.

Pass the beer, pass the pretzels and pass the remote. I think there’s a bowling tournament on somewhere…

Don’t forget, yo, even Smarty Jones caught a taste. No one is safe.

We’re all drinking hate-o-rade thanks to that fat fuck Quaker.

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