A brief look at Ron Paul and some of his supporters.

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Yeah… THOSE assholes supporting him. Well, that says a whole lot right there, doesn’t it? Some choice quotes…

“Ron Paul would collapse the Jewish infrastructure in this country.”

“While Ron Paul does not really have much of a chance, WN should support him because the better he does the more exposure he can bring to issues that are important to us.

Along with Tancredo he’s the best we can do right now.”

and a favorite of mine…

“Anything less than ALL is NOTHING. If anythings priority is not 100% the survival of the White Race, than it is a problem and not a solution.

Ron Paul’s priority is not 100% the survival of the white race, so he is an enemy and a burden just as much as any jew. “

If you’re plugging a guy who is equal to Tancredo??? And THESE guys are supporting him? Say what you want about ‘Dirty Hippe Liberal’; badmouth Clinton (I personally don’t like her…) Say Obama is a Muslim (A blatant lie easily disproved with a small amount of research…); Bitch about how much Edwards’ haircut costs (Supercuts, dude…) but at least their supporters aren’t hate-filled racist idiots. But with Paul hisself writing shit like this, why wouldn’t they support him?

Speaking of idiots…

” At the end of last month, a group of gamers wanted to march to show their support for presidential candidate Ron Paul. The problem? Marching requires going outside…and pants. The solution: hold the march in World of Warcraft!”

Yeah… World of Warcraft. My lord, are all his supporters 16 year-old virgins, who live in their parent’s basement?

Im sure there are a few who will bitch and moan and say he’s not the same as all the others, but that is what we ALL are saying about our pick. Paul is a 72 year old jackass with thinly-veiled racist opinions from Texas. Id rather elect someone who is a bit younger with a more 21st century mentality, not someone who thinks we should all go back to ‘the good ole days’.

Flame on… I know it’s coming.


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15 Replies to “A brief look at Ron Paul and some of his supporters.”

  1. bp-
    First of all….where do you FIND all this stuff? Damn!

    Secondly, thanks for providing eye-opening material quite frequently…and jaw-dropping shit every once in a while.

    With that first link I felt like wiping my screen with some kind of cleaner…and then deleting any history of it’s existence on my hard drive. It’s a damn freakin’ shame these people exist.

    The second link is freakin’ hilarious.

    Both links are to groups with some rather serious issues with reality.

  2. Ron Paul has received more donations from active military personnel than any other candidate. By your own logic, you appear to be saying that anyone that supports Ron Paul is a nazi.

    You’re a foolish person, in other words.

  3. The World of Warcraft march is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while….

    Refute one thing about Paul, and think about your logic. I’m about to cite Godwin’s Law on you for invoking the Nazi’s. Where does BP cast aspersions on ALL Paul supporters? I don’t think all Paul supporters are anything. Paul has some VERY unsavory supporters, which he refuses to distance himself from. He has made some racist and uneducated statements that he can’t explain away. He has some absolutely silly supporters (again, World of Warcraft march…) What scares me about Paul is that so many of his supporters are willing to ignore his negatives, just because he makes some appealing statements on the war and finances. Even those, about the only thing I can agree with him on is that we never should have gone into Iraq. His idea of fiscal responsibility is no money for social programs and corporate deregulation. We already tried that experiment in the 80s under Reagan, and it saddled us with huge deficits and some scandals we will be paying for for a long time (remember the S&L scandal). So don’t just make some quip about people who point out Paul’s flaws, and do some actual research on him. You might not like what you find.

  4. The guy who runs Stormfront has every right to make political donations. It doesn’t mean that Ron Paul is a white supremacist. Do you think that the other candidates don’t have contributions from questionable sources?

  5. And any candidate has the right to refuse money from people and groups which they don’t agree with, which is what he should have done, and what some of the other candidates have done with money from illegal or unsavory sources. Go to the second link and you will find what RP’s views of black people are. He doesn’t deserve a pass.

  6. Giuliani/Paul ’08! The World of Warcraft guys could be in the Defense department.

    Seriously though; here comes Arizona’s own John Mc Cain. The rest of the Repugnican field is made up of such hugely flawed personalities that he’s got at least a puncher’s chance, his support for the war in Iraq notwithstanding.

    Where do we keep coming up with these people?

  7. I watched Dr. Paul say that the KKK boys are wrong but, that thats what free speech is about, free to make an ass of themselves.

    I’ve been impressed by RP, as was Tim Russert, as was Bill Moyers.

    See the interview: http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/paul.html

    Don’t be afraid of freedom, the constitution has served us well.

    Be afraid of government.

  8. You just can’t win when it comes to American Politics. I must admit Ron Paul is a terrible public speaker, and he doesn’t argue the issues as well as the other candidates. So what if a handful of assholes at stormfront.org support this guy. It doesn’t mean shit. Ron Paul wants to get us out of Iraq, cut spending, lower taxes, and stay the fuck outta our business. Obviously there’s risk anytime we elect a new president. If people knew how bad it was gonna be with Bush, they probably would have voted for Gore. And if grammma had balls she’d be grandpa. I personally have nothing to lose, and am willing to take a chance on somebody different. Maybe you should spend more time extolling the virtues of your own favorite candidate, and quit shitting on someone elses. If you hate the guy so bad, quit wasting your breath fuckin’ on him, and tell us who you think we should vote for.
    ps- I thought DC was about less gears and more beers?

  9. RP made a valid point. He didn’t receive a donation from “Stormfront.org”. He received a donation of $500 from Don Black—and that’s out of 20 million dollars. When asked if he should return the money he stated “Why should I give it back to him so he can do bad things with it?”–and that’s correct.

    Jesse Jackson said “When I’m walking at night and I see a young white man behind me, I breathe a sign of relief.”. Dave Chappelle said Washington D.C. was a rough city. Are they racists? Have you seen the Olympic sprint events? Saying that black men can run fast is not racist. Saying that blacks commit disproportionate amounts of street crime is not racist. People are WAY too PC.

  10. It’s just not worth arguing with RP supporters is it? I give up. It’s o.k. that he’s a conservative racist fucktard who wants to roll our government back to the 50’s, if it means I don’t have to pay income tax anymore…

  11. You would rather vote for a bunch of warmongers who want to spend the country into the poorhouse and send thousands of young men and women off to die? You seriously need to pick your battles better. The BS you mention is insignifigant compared to the issues of the war and the economy. Why aren’t you nitpicking about Hillary Clinton taking bunches of money from the defense industry? Or Obama belonging to a nutjob black separatist church? Hmm?