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Interestingly, when I google’d it, I only found news on it from NON-US sources.

(EDIT: Now it has a few… sorry.)

I seem to remember Bush campaigning on something relating to oil… what was it…???

Bush Criticized Clinton Administration For High Gas Prices

Bush In 2000: Bush Blamed Clinton Administration For High Gas Prices; Promised “Immediate Relief” By Using His “Capital” With Saudis And Kuwaitis. “Campaigning for president in a state particularly hard-hit by high gasoline prices, Texas Gov. George W. Bush on Tuesday blamed the nation’s predicament on the Clinton administration, which he said is operating without an energy policy. “This is an administration that is hoping the issue goes away,’ Bush said. … ‘The vice president seems to forget who’s been in office for seven years,’ Bush said. ‘This is an administration that has been in charge, and the price of gasoline has risen steadily since they’ve been in office.’ Asked what he would do as president to address the price at the pump, Bush said he would confer with oil-producing allies and ask them to pump more crude. ‘I would use the capital my administration will earn with the Kuwaitis or the Saudis, to convince them to open up the spigot,’ Bush said. ‘That’s where we will get immediate relief.'” [Houston Chronicle, 6/28/00]

Yup. Oh wait… There was something else…

Bush In 2000: U.S. Simply Needs To Tell OPEC To “Open The Spigots.” “I would hope the [Clinton] administration would convince our friends in OPEC to open the spigots.” [Los Angeles Times, 6/22/00]

Bush in 2000: U.S. Needs To “Jawbone” OPEC Members. “What I think the president ought to do [when gas prices spike] is he ought to get on the phone with the OPEC cartel and say we expect you to open your spigots…And the president of the United States must jawbone OPEC members to lower the price.” [President Bush, 1/26/00]

  • Bush In 2006: “Every Little Bit Helps.” “I’ve directed the Department of Energy to defer filling the reserve this summer. Our strategic reserve is sufficiently large enough to guard against any major supply disruption over the next few months. So by deferring deposits until the fall, we’ll leave a little more oil on the market. Every little bit helps.” [President Bush, 4/26/06]
  • Bush In 2006: “No Magic Wand.” “‘I know gas prices are high,’ President Bush said. ‘There’s no magic wand to wave. We’ll make sure the energy companies are pricing their products fairly. If we catch them gouging — catch unfair trade practices — we’ll deal with them at the federal government.'” [Reno Nevada Channel 4, 4/25/06]

Yup. I think that was all… Nope. There was a bit more.

Bush Administration On Conservation
Cheney in 2001: Conservation Merely A “Personal Virtue”; Rejected Use Of Renewable Energy Sources. “Vice-president Dick Cheney dismissed on Monday night the idea of ‘conserving or rationing’ as 1970s-era solutions to the US’s energy shortages. In a speech in Toronto, Mr Cheney said that ‘conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.’… He rejected energy conservation and renewable energy sources as major alternatives…'” [The Guardian, 5/2/01]

Bush in 2005: Bush Called On Americans To Be “Better Conservers.” “President Bush called on the Americans today to conserve gasoline and avoid non-essential driving as the average national prices for retail gasoline climbed higher for the first time since they peaked over the Labor Day weekend. … ‘We can all pitch in by being better conservers,’ Mr. Bush said …. In addition to urging consumers to cut back to ease the pain of the current supply shortages, he said federal employees should use carpool and public transport and not take non-essential trips.” [New York Times, 9/25/05]

Yeah… Those guys are a bunch of douchebags. Do you know how much beer you could buy with $100 anyhow? Sheesh.


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48 Replies to “OIL HITS $100”

  1. “Interestingly, when I google’d it, I only found news on it from NON-US sources.”- I watch the news every night, as well as in the morning. I also check in online when I get to work. My wife told me about it this morning, and I didn’t see it online until here.


    Seems like all (anyone) is worried about is right now. No one seems to be looking long term. Conserve? Save? Cut-back? Does this sound like the America we know? Oh no it don’t!

    Who the hell in thier right mind would think a nation of debt ridden, fat, lazy, stupid, self rightous, adult sized toddlers will be willing to conserve? Less we forget about sub-prime morgages, credit card debt, cash advance, “no payments ’til 2009″… yeah, conserve. I have stomach craps from laughing so damn hard.

  2. You guys ride bikes everywhere, right? What’s the problem if gas and oil prices are high?

    I’m the one that’s gonna be putting $4 per gallon in my boat this summer! My problem with it is how much of that 4 beezles is TAX.

  3. Not that it makes it any better…



    Stephen Schork, a former floor trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange and the editor of an oil-market newsletter, said the record price was the result of a single trader seeking his one minute of fame.

    Mr Schork said one floor trader bought 1,000 barrels, the smallest amount permitted, and sold it immediately for $99.40 at a $600 loss.

    “They absolutely overpaid,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

    “He paid $600 for the right to tell his grandchildren that he was the first in the world to buy $100 oil.”

    There are concerns that the high price of oil will stoke price pressures at a time when many central banks are trying to cut interest rates to stimulate growth.

    “It’s going to have a huge impact on overall global inflation,” said Steve Rowles, a commodities strategist with CFC Seymour securities in Hong Kong.”

  4. sommerfliesby-
    Gas goes = grocery prices go up = utilities go up = my wife has to drive for work, so I effectively pay = oil based lubricants go up = people driving get more pissed = people have less money so business goes down = the US economy is based on cheap oil = the dollar loses more value = …it goes and goes all day long. no one is immune.

  5. I thought leftists were all about high energy prices. In fact, I believe Algore’s first book suggested that gas should be closer to $5 so that people would drive less.

    Don’t fucking pull this…. “Oh look gas is going to be expensive.” crap because a large part of the leftist platform is for energy to be expensive, or at least taxed more to be made more expensive.

    Dubious post.

  6. I say tax the hell out of the gas and put that money towards educating drivers not to run over cyclists.

  7. KG– Blame the “leftists” all day. Misqoute politicians all you want to prove some dubious point about what you think the leftist platform is, but you are overlooking the real point.

    The original post is about what a complete hypocrit Bushco is. Do you want to deny that? Do you really think the guy is a good honset President the deserves defending?
    The other point is that we have got a problem with an addiction to oil. It is apparent that the “conservative” platform is to use up all the natural resources we can as quickly a s possible without looking for a replacement. What is conservative about that?

    Sommer– how much of the $4 bucks is pure profit for the most profitable business in the history of commerce? The same guys that are getting tax breaks from you and me. What would you do with the savings in gas money from your SUV and snowmobiles and cheaper plane fares if energy costs were not so high due to failed middle east (non)policy? Remember when Bush was appointed to office oil was about $20 a barrell.

  8. Actually, when Crude goes up, so does Heating oil. Used to heat many in the NE of the US. Those people have to heat somehow (not all of them have the benefit of sunny skies and warm temps like FLA)
    So yeah, when gas prices go up, I could care less, since I don’t drive and all that, but its NOT JUST gas prices that go up.
    I laugh heartily at all those who have SUVs and Hummers to fill in the coming summer. That is going to hurt while I rill by on my fixie under the dubious art of ‘Burrito and Beer’ power.
    But yeah… look a little further than just the price of crude affecting the price of what you use ti fill you tank, and maybe… MAYBE you might see other shit.
    Consider the costs added to your wonderful cheap groceries shipped to your local market from half the country away. Yup. Affected by fuel prices.
    Thinking about flying anywhere? Yup. Fuel Tax.
    There are a lot of things that can and will be affected by the price of gas, even if you don’t see it directly.
    But that would take energy and reading and actually doing a little bit of research on your part.
    Dubious post my ass. This site is Drunk Cyclist, not The Economist or some shit.
    Suck it up.

    (edited to read NE not NW, although I guess they do as well…)

  9. And sorelegs hit it on the head. It’s all about what he said he’d do versus what he has done. He is a hypocrite and badmouthed the Clinton administration for not doing enough, and then does even less hisself.

    This also ties in with the entire administrations ‘Dominionism’ mindset. The Rapture™ is coming, so anything th speed the return of the Son of God is a good thing.

    Fukkin idiots.

  10. Blame is on us people. It is OUR fault. Why? cuz we bitch and complain and do nothing about it. We are so happy in our comfort zone/happy spot with warm houses, cars, minimum payments and nascar-football-opra-american idol dreamworld- wrapped up in everything but what’s important selves and not looking around the blinders (which WE blame the government for but happily enjoy).

    I love the fact people always point fingers at BushCo-ClintonCo-Government-other guy-blah bah blah. Next time you point your finger, do it in the mirror. As long as you pay $4 a gallon, you are saying it is ok. As long as you drive everywhere, you are saying it ok. As long as you allow the government to shove you on your ass, you are saying it is ok.

    In contrast, the tiger that killed and attacked those dudes, it was done taking shit. who knows what happened, how or why, but the end result was that the tiger had had its fill of bullshit and decided to do something about it. Until the American public follows that tiger’s lead, we are doomed to the miserable bullshit we complain about every day.

    Wake the fuck up.

    Yeah, I ride my bike everywhere. I very rarely drive. Why? Because I save a shit-ton of money doing it. I stay healthy. So when the shit hits the fan I have the physical ability to get around.

  11. Good for you, Dan, and major agreement on the tiger thing, btw.

    I ride cuz I like to. I drink beer cuz I like to.

    However, I also like boating, snowmobiling and driving…and I’m able to do so because I work for it. Free market dictates that if I can afford to do it (and am willing to pay for it) and it’s available, I can do it.

    Our govt has been screwing us from pretty much day one (read some US history, but NOT the stuff in textbooks!)…it’s just getting more press these days because everybody in the world that can access a computer can air an opinion these day.

    As to the real context of the original post…I think per usual, bikepunk has an excellent point in exposing what is said and what is done by the Bush administration. I just have a harder time reacting with such vitriol as I have become relatively accustomed to politicians lying ALL THE TIME.

    If there is gonna be a change, it’ll be a long time coming. People are fat and happy for the most part, and any group that does seem to gather momentum in a “revolutionary” way is subverted by media and governmental labelling as “extremists.”

  12. The post is about honesty and politics? Really? That’s the game you want to play?

    OK, How about all the Democratic politicians that said if Bush were elected a 2nd time there would be a draft? Honesty?

    How about the Democratic leadership that said The Surge wouldn’t work? Honesty?

  13. Guys–

    Several observations:

    1) $99.40/barrel is the same as $100/barrel. Let’s not split hairs.

    2) $100/barrel is good. Why? The US economy is the strongest in the world, we can take it, the Chinese can’t.

    3) High taxes on oil are good. Otherwise, the money goes to OPEC. We can better spend it here in the US, developing alternatives to fat-ass, single-occupant SUVs.

    4) OIl companies are good. “Record profits” are conveniently quoted as GROSS profits… Revenue goes up, gross profit goes up. Duh. Net remains the same. I own a tidy little position in COP, PEO and SLB and they have been a good investment, but not a barn-burner.

    5) OPEC is good. Those guys can’t organize a cartel to save their lives. They are deeply leveraged in first-world debt and they can’t move an INCH without us nailing them. The oil will be gone soon, and so will all the OPEC countries and the inconvenient politics attendant to them.

    6) High gas prices are good. The only way Americans will conserve is when they must. This will reduce air pollution and traffic, and make cars smaller and safer. There is plenty of oil to last several hundred years– if we conserve.

    So what’s the bad news? We are. We’re selfish pigs oink oink. And pigs always get slaughtered in the end. Hear that tinkling sound? It’s the sound of our urine falling on our children’s heads.


  14. “If there is gonna be a change, it’ll be a long time coming. People are fat and happy for the most part, and any group that does seem to gather momentum in a “revolutionary” way is subverted by media and governmental labelling as “extremists.””

    Sommer– Great point about that as well as all the vitriol. it is toxic to the conversation and the American way. I sense that people like you, me and most of us commenting here are fed up with the status quo. I think more and more people are fed up with the idiocracy and nonsense that the collective “we” are perpetuating. The name calling really gets in the way of talking about solutions. Even if the change is going to be hard and long fought does not mean it aint worth working on.

    I think it is constructive to point out politicians lies. We have gotten so accoustomed to it that we expect it. Pro riders lie about dope. We still watch them. Pro baseball players lie about dope, we still buy tickets. Bush and Cheney LIE and LIE and LIE and get re-elected and the dems take impeachemnt off the table…. Clearly the message is we expect to be lied to.

    Hats off to Bike Punk for decryinng the BS. DC maybe small but at least it is real.

  15. “5) OPEC is good. Those guys can’t organize a cartel to save their lives. They are deeply leveraged in first-world debt and they can’t move an INCH without us nailing them. The oil will be gone soon, and so will all the OPEC countries and the inconvenient politics attendant to them”

    Great Point. Our fates are tied pretty closely. We go down they go down. Either way we are becoming their bitches.

  16. KG, Sorelegs, and Mikey (sortof). The problem isn’t that gas prices are high. the problem is that everyone in the govt, dem or repub, seems to be ignoring a big-picture point. they would have us believe that oil is the cheapest source of energy, not so. the oil/gas industry is hardwired into our govt. it’s a huge industry, and they would have us all believe that we need to use oil/gas because the alternatives are less economically feasible. here’s the solution: stop subsidizing oil companies and shift all those monies toward companies developing alternative energy sources. then see who’s cost efficient and economically feasible. the culture of our nation is OIL. we need a cultural paradigm shift. the whole end-of-the-world global warming doomsday scenario is not going to be enough. see how long it’s taken to even start a debate about it?

    my point: we would all use alternatives to gas powered cars if there were alternatives, but there aren’t. it’s not conspiratorial, it’s simply ingrained in the culture of our industry and govt that oil is our energy source and everything else isn’t good enough. and that’s bullshit. but we could all check the stock portfolios of our govt reps and see who’s advocating what.

  17. High oil is good. We need to kick the habit.

    Honda has a hydrogen full cell car in production for 08.

    Bad news is that most of our hydrogen comes from hydrocarbons.

    I give up.

  18. nate, no offense man, i am on your side. but…
    -“my point: we would all use alternatives to gas powered cars if there were alternatives, but there aren’t.”-

    THEY are telling you there aren’t. You believe THEM. Bicycles. Walking. Carpooling. Mass Transit (if you have it). There is always a way unless you live out in the middle of nowhere by yourself. This is the kind of mindset that is fucking us. I rode 60 miles to my dad’s house for Christmas. My step-uncle said I was nuts and he couldn’t see how that was possible. Why? Cuz he is a fat fucking lazy ass unwilling to give up his precious car to save a few bucks and lose a little weight and work to make things better.

    Here is the solution. We all agree that the gov’t and oil go hand in hand. Wanna fuck them both? Find another way.
    (I am getting long winded and I apologize)

    Check it.

    Gas is roughly $3 a gallon.
    There are about 550,000 people in Nashville
    Let’s say cars average 25mpg
    Let’s say the round trip commute is 25 miles. (make it easy)
    50 weeks, 5 days a week. (2 weeks vacation)
    $3 a day in gas (x) 250days = $750 (we know it is more than this because we aren’t stupid)
    $750 (x) 550,000people = $412,500,000

    If everyone, once a month, found a way to NOT drive thier car, that would be 550,000 (x) $3 (x) 12. $19,800,000 That would make a 4.8% reduction of fuel purchased. This is money NOT going into taxes, OPEC, Exxon, Mobile, you name it. Everyone does twice a month, twice the fun.

    It would only take 1 day a month for 12 months to ride with a friend, ride a bike, take public transportation, walk, ride a fuckin’ pony. That is how it begins. Step up boys, do it and encourage other. Or continue getting fucked.

  19. Nate,
    I’m right there with you pal. But there are viable alternatives that have been quashed by a combination of govt. and industry. Ford built an experimental electric only car in the late 90’s. It was in production and use in California for more than a year. Regular people like you and me used them on lease from the company. When the state govt. relaxed emmission standards due to industry pressure and incompetence, Ford dropped the project and took back all the cars which were on lease.

    Right now Toyota has a viable plug-in hybrid combo Prius that will get MPG in the mid 100s. Only reason that it isn’t in the market is that Toyota doesn’t see demand. If govt. forced production by raising emmission standards– or encouraged it by providing tax incentives then it would be there for you to buy.

    The fact that we cant get thesse alternatives may not be conspiriatorial but to throw our hands up in the air and say, “oh well” is self defeating. There are a lot of forces in our country that are inveted in the staus quo. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak out.

    I have called Toyota USA a number of times to tell them I want to buy that product. I have written countless letters to elected officials to voice my opinion.

  20. I liked in the 2004 presidental debate when Bush stated that he is not in the business of Nation building. Well if we can ‘t control the Oil market and the ties to Al-queda in Iraq were falsified as well as this whole WMD threat what the fuck are we doing in Iraq. When will it end? What has worked? How many years now? Shit I at least hope this operation help control the oil market.

    It would be kinda humorous to see the power go out on America. It would sort of level the playing field again. Many Many americans are fighting an uphill battle to keep from being so in debt. I am not talking poor lower class with government subsidies. How about the working class? How about the pretentious white collar worker so in debt they can’t pay their loans and now they want some govt help so they can keep living this insidious way of life. Not caring if they run the fuck over a person on a bike. My bet is that if it was a dog they would slow down. For me I need more cycle and less drunk, damn holidays are tough on the liver fuck. god forbid someone goes to a hospital with out coverage. Just let me die or walk home wounded.

  21. All good, Dan. The big BUT in that issue from my perspective is that I wouldn’t be caught DEAD riding to work this morning…-3 degrees and extremely dark with barely-plowed shoulders…I’d either freeze or get hit…and then probably get blamed for being on the road! It’s an easy 11 mile commute that I do often when daylight and temperature permit.

    On the subject of electrics and hydrogens…I really don’t believe science has come up with a viable option for the general public. People (especially American people) are not going to substitute a Prius for their SUV. I’m a least concientious on the subject…almost everyone in my immediate social circle wouldn’t give it a second thought.

  22. sorelegs, your point=my point. our current govt + auto industry as it is now = gas or nothin.

    i would like to see change come out of innovation and market diversity rather than fear of global warming. that won’t happen in our current culture. I know that there are alternatives, i’m not saying that there are NONE. i’m saying that they are still touted as a novelty. where’s my affordable electric production car? where’s my affordable hydro-fuel cell car? these technologies have been around since the sixties and nearly entered the market in the seventies. then they went away because of market manipulation and misinformation by our govt and our industries. noone is more aware of every possible alternative energy source that i am. what i’m saying is that we need good information and we need market diversity in energy. i won’t get started on the dumbass ideas i’ve seen about wind power. i would certainly not drive my gas powered subie if i had a viable alt. and i do ride my bike or walk whenever i can, but i don’t like to get wet on my way to work. cold, hot, fine. not wet.

    we’re all preaching to the choir here.

  23. You guys are pissing on about petrol (gas) at $4 a gallon! Wake up fools thats the cheepest in the world!

  24. Sommer- dont believe the technology is there… check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_EV1

    The technology is there. We just cant buy it. Yeah the thing is about as attractive as a bag of hammers. But the drive train can (and has been) adapted to ANY car . BTW battery technology has improved significantly since these things came out, just ask your cell phone.

    If you have got a penis size issue with the car that you drive so bad that you are not willing to save hundreds of bucks a month on gas then I cant help you. (just jokin’ about the penis thing, dont get all pissy)

  25. nate,
    Re your quote “i would like to see change come out of innovation and market diversity rather than fear of global warming.”

    There are only two things that motivate people: Fear and pleasure. Fear is unfortunatley the more effectivce motivator.
    I am afraid of global Warming

  26. We are the ones producing most of it. Point is it a +300% increase in price since the Operation Iraqis Freedom. Let’s just bend over and take whatever they want to fuck us with.

  27. …like the rest of you, i don’t believe in magic bullets, but six important words to pay attention to in the near future…

    …perdue university + water + aluminum + gallium == hydrogen…

    …nothing has been ‘perfected’ yet, but there ARE intelligent people out there, working on new hydrogen sources that do not ultimately consume more energy than they provide…which, as most of you know, is the knock on many ‘alternative’ fuel sources like ethanol…

    …the oil/energy companies will lead us there eventually, but they’ve got their old infrastructure (pipelines, ships, refineries, trucks, profit structures, old boy networks, contacts) in place, so they’ll milk the oil/gas situation to the last drop…when the right alternative is decided on, whether it’s hydrogen or cat pee, it’s gonna be costly to rebuild new delivery systems, so while these companies already pay lip service to change on tv, their financial hit is gonna be huge…but we the public will again ultimately pay, so that they don’t suffer those huge profit losses…

    …got my fingers crossed & my lucky rabbits foot (fake, no real rabbits were used in bgw’s ‘good luck’ acquisition system)…

    …i’m more concerned about our personal freedoms…now THAT is a scary topic…

  28. When petroleum was new they had to build the distribution system, nobody quacked then about the cost and look at the profits the oil guys are raking in now. It is merely a matter of will to invest and take the risk. We could have electric vehicles now except nobody can figure out how to tax them yet. Annual taxes that bring in the $ like a fuel tax would bring outraged howls from owners (figuring $.46 per gallon and 12,000 miles per year at 20 MPG and you get $276 a year for a compact car, or $460 for a Hummer). Actually we over on the e-assist Yahell group have been discussing a taxation plan to pay for roads and such and have determined a tax on GVW would be the best solution. And given that experimental data shows that bicycles are essentially harmless to roads (to the point that the people that test paving products don’t even bother to test how they hold up under bike traffic any more) our road taxes would be near zilch, just enough to appease the car people that bikes were “paying our way”.

    BTW my blog (linked in my name) will be containing links to cyclists killed and injured on the roads by CARnage during the upcoming year, as well as pithy comments on the reportage and drivers involved…


  29. Guys–

    Re: lack of alternative energy sources.

    Fact is, petrochemical energy has been FREE for the last 150 years. It literally bubbles up out of the ground. The cost of refining and distribution has always been paid for by pumping more FREE oil. There is no market when a commodity is FREE.

    The big hiccup will be in transitioning to a market for energy. A market where supply affects demand. Currently, demand is absolutely inelastic; in such cases price MUST go up. As it is, why develop alternatives when you can just pump more oil? The obvious human reaction is to pump and pump and pump, and let our kids worry about paying for energy, once the oil tuns out. Let’s get our share before the Chinese do. The Chinese say the same thing.

    Here that tinkling sound?


  30. Mikey hit on a big point – it’s the cost of making that resource into something we can use that’s where we are getting ROYALLY screwed. No new refineries = higher prices.

    Sorelegs- I’d need about 50 of those things to pull my boat…like I said, the technology isn’t there. Not to mention how stupid I’d look pulling a boat with a battery-powered car! And no offense taken on the penis-thing…its been said before, it doesn’t bug me, I’m secure in my manhood :)

    BGW – it’s PURDUE. I had to put up with my wife going there.

    I think it’d be cool if this topic had more posts than the one with big jonny’s balls!

  31. Guys–

    Mikey’s acronym for the day: DMPLBITT (pronounced “dimple-bit”)

    Shorthand for, “does my penis look bigger in this truck?”

    JOKING!! ha ha!!


  32. Yeah, but BJ’s balls were so disturbing…. eewww. I still cringe. Why’d you have to bring that up?

    If oil companies wanted more refineries they would build them. They can afford it. They want US to pay for them, and they want environmental regs rolled back so that they build them cheaper. Until then, they’ll drive the price up. That’s what Cheney’s “energy task force” was about, and probably why they won’t release the minutes of those meetings.

    Give a subsidy to develop cellulosic ethanol and Biodiesel refineries. Neither alone are going to save us, but at least the carbon used in those products is current and not Cretaceous.

    McDonald’s is even seeing the benefits of Biodiesel. They have a couple of distribution centers that run entirely on fuel made from used fry oil.

  33. Mikey
    dimple-bit is my new favorite word.

    10 bucks it gets me fired within 2 weeks. I have a 1/2 dozen guys like that at work. I am in so much trouble. Can I sleep on your couch ??

  34. “dimple-bit is my new favorite word. 10 bucks it gets me fired within 2 weeks. I have a 1/2 dozen guys like that at work. I am in so much trouble. Can I sleep on your couch ??”


    Sorry, I’m not a gambling man, so I can’t take your wager… but sure, man… shake off some of the water/mud off your bike and park it in my office. You did bring beer, Right? :)


  35. …sommerfliesby, you are quite correct, sir !…that rubber chicken i ate for dinner musta come from frank ‘perdue’…

  36. That dude kinda LOOKED like a rubber chicken, didn’t he!?

    Oil companies have the $$ for new refineries…just nowhere to build them. Kinda like powerplants in Cali…everybody screamed when there were rolling blackouts…nobody wanted a powerplant in their backyard.

    For the record…dimple-bit is freakin funny shit.

  37. I’m stealing “dimple-bit” for my blog. It’s too good not to steal. Actually I’m not going to steal it so how and to whom do I make the acknowledgements?


  38. Guys–

    I made up the term “dimple-bit.” I think it’s pretty damn funny. Use it as you see fit.