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  1. Still whiney…
    If that was a video that no one had seen before, it might be remotely amusing. As it stands now, the internet seems to have passed you by…

  2. I still love that video. Nothing better than proof of a failed education system that easily allows big tits on TV.


    (misspelled on purpose thank you)

  3. Ok. 2 things.

    1) Lovedawg…That original post and it’s supplement, define the word “whiney”

    B) Dan….If you think Miss South Carolina has big tits, you need to get out more often.

    The 13 year old down the street has bigger tits.

    That said, if I disappear from this site for 10 years, you guys know why. ha ha

    Merry Christmas ya online collection of putzes.

  4. M from SC
    So I take it you are from South Carolina by your blog name.
    Sorry if that video offended you..since Ms. Teen South Carolina represented so well. Are you related?
    Thanks for whinning about my whinning.
    It is remotely amusing.

  5. Im going to whine about some wine
    while I pine about my wasted time
    and when its on the line,
    I’ll know its time
    to whine my whine
    about cheap wine
    while my time
    slowly passed by.

  6. Me pointing out that you posted a really old video is not whining. You posting twice about the fact that you cannot read the fine print in an Expedia contract is, in fact, whining. Kinda like an 8 year old girl…

    Oh, and the SC reference is inane. That means stupid, BTW. Just because you live in a certain place doesn’t make you less intelligent by association. There are morons everywhere, and you have proven that point.

  7. I still don’t get this or the Expedia post. Is there a story to go with it?

    Last night I was cooking some Cambells Soup, but I didn’t read the fine print on the back of the can. I added water when it said not to add water. My soup was watered down so I learned to carefully read the directions.

    (personalized story for yah)

  8. That’s a horrible thing to have happen right there. Sorry you had to go through that. Fuck Campbell’s Soup … I’ve been saying that for years … those assholes … they need a beating.

  9. Guys–

    Mr. Lovedawg is correct that Expedia sucks. They add NOTHING, take your money and god help ya if anything goes wrong. (Holiday air travel- what could possibly go wrong?)

    I made the mistake of using Expedia once. The airline changed my itinerary unilaterally (thanks, guys!) and where was Expedia? Why, spamming me with ads for casinos and fat-ass resorts while failing to provide a link to the airline who was actually pulling my chain. Not impressed.

    Travelocity was even worse, I don’t think I ever managed to buy anything from them. I’m an old fart, but I say, deal directly with your vendors– the airlines and hotels, etc. Be competent and unfailingly nice. I get significant upgrades to seats, cars and rooms all the time– just by being the nicest guy the poor schlep at the counter has met all day. I’ve been doing this a long time, and yes, I am a salesman. Please call me with all your electrified overhead traveling (EOT) crane needs, mention DC and I’ll code the order for a tasty discount. (I get paid on gross, not margin.)

    Have a super Christmas you guys– I’m outta here to go ride. Awoo.


  10. …lovedawg…i ain’t goin’ anywhere for the holidays, but if i was , i’d be grateful that somebody was pointing out the flaws in the fucking system…

    …i was originally told that computers & the internet were here to serve me & make my life easier & better…gee, i’m just now starting to realize that’s not always true…

    …anyway, every lovedawg has it’s day, just don’t turn yer back on some a’ these hounds…lazing around this kennel, they got nothin’ better ta do than snip n’ woof at anything that moves…me included…

    …peace, love & all that old school stuff to EVERYONE for the holidays…