Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

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Somehow I’m guessing the driver will be found at fault. And the badge/uniform thing is just a coincidence. A “civilian” gets run over, big deal. We’re too busy to even look for the car let alone actually cite somebody. Cyclist must have been in the way, holding up traffic, you know those crazy cyclists…

Metropolitan Police Officer Brian Bobick …was injured when on bicycle patrol with a second officer in the 4200 block of Ord St., NE. The two officers were about to stop a group of people in an alley when they heard a vehicle gun its engine. The officers turned to see a black Cadillac pointed at them.

“It just charged toward them at a high rate of speed,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. “The fact that someone intentionally ran down these officers is very disturbing.” Source: wjla.com

The fact any person would run down anybody intentionally is disturbing. Full stop.

And yet it happens. All the time. Anyone who reads this page is seeing all the same articles and press I am.

Look at what’s been happening up in Portland? People get run over by dump trucks while they ride their bicycle in the bike lane and its’ somehow the cyclist’s fault.

I need a drink…

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3 Replies to “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)”

  1. Funny how when it’s a cop they move heaven and earth to find the one who did it, but when it’s a mother out riding with her kids or a woman doing a charity ride for brain damage or just Joe Citizen doing his daily commute on a bike they can’t even be bothered to do the paperwork…

    I guess it’s “To serve and protect our own, the rest of you are on your own”

    Hells, you see it in the news all the time, some family gets slaughtered and they give the usual scripted response about how they’ll do their best to get them while trying to keep from yawning, then a cop gets hurt making a donut run and all you get is wailing, screaming, and gnashing of teeth from the police like it’s the end of the world… I guess you gotta have priorities.

  2. Didn’t there use to be a ton more posts on this thread?

    But yeah, cop killed or injured and grab something sturdy, cause the breeze from the cops’ progress will knock you down. Or you could get what I got, the cops destroyed the evidence because they didn’t feel like investigating… They called it an “accident” I called it assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, the bastard was screaming at me to “Get off the fucking road” loud enough I could hear him while he was approaching ne at 65 MPH from behind in the rain. Accident Lance’s Left Testicle (or was it the right one that was left?) Lance’s Left (behind) Testicle it is then! And this is what I can do with brain damage and loss of 1/3 of my vocabulary, you should have seen me before the wreck!


  3. Um…this officer had every bone in his face broken..the driver was a 15 year old who had stolen the limo who intentionally tried to run the officers down…nice compassion here guys.