pour some out for homie

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Sometimes it’s important to remember it ain’t just cyclists getting a raw deal.

From: the most factory blog
Subject: pour some out for homie
this little gal showed up at our place on saturday

I caved and gave her a chunck of bologna, so she loved me for life

we were debating to keep the ol girl. she’d sneak into the garage and hang out with my bikes at night. she had claws, and we had mice

kitty got smushed by a car last night

so fuck all cars, there you go.

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14 Replies to “pour some out for homie”

  1. On my way to get a bottle to crack, drink and pour out of respect. Cats my not be everyone’s thing, but they are cool nonetheless.

    Cool when they are, absolutely bug-fuck crazy when they’re not.

  2. And what, pray tell, is wrong with bug fuck crazy? Beats being a politician. At least with cats they either love you or you don’t exist except as a play toy, cat’s don’t tell you one thing and then do the exact opposite. I like this definition of a cat: Dogs come when you call, cats screen their calls and will get back to you if they want to.


  3. Every time a see a smashed flat squirrel on the road riding back from the trail I think, “There but for the grace of God…”

  4. The last cat I had made me very sick

    ….. didnt cook him long enough…..

    J/k I’d be sad if my cat ezra was gone…

  5. …lost my last little pal the same way, many years ago…named HT—holy terror, all black, a stray runt kitty kat…needed a place to live, so he found me…used to follow me around like i was his dad…

    …clipped by my landlord’s car, cuz he was such a trusting little soul…i never wanted another kitty kat…

    …accident or not, took all the strength i had not to put a hammer through that pricks windshield…

  6. Outside cats are a wicked menace to native birds whose populations are generally in decline. Keep them cats inside and safe if you’re gonna keep them. Unfortunately though, cars are the ultimate killers of lots of critters.

  7. I lost my cat Beehive about 10 days ago. Someone dumped her behind my bike shop bout five years ago. She has spent the last four at my house. I miss that girl.