He who pulls no punches

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I won’t link to any stories or posts about Democratic foreknowledge of America’s renewed dedication to torture. You know where to find them. The fact that the leadership of the party is committed to establishing a secret, extrajudicial, international gulag in which to indefinitely detain prisoners and torture them to extract mostly false confessions is indicative that the party itself is committed to such principles, and that those “good Dems” routinely pimped by Atrios and Kos and the rest of the gang of internet enablers are mere feckless outsiders without power, influence, or significance. To cast a vote for any Democrat at the national level is to cast a vote directly for the torture of other human beings. It is not acquiescence or acceptance; it’s endorsement. If you call yourself a Democrat, you’re a torturer. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re a torturer. There you go. Simple as that. This is not a complex moral equation. There were members of the Nazi party who did not personally approve of the elimination of European Jewry through genocide. There were members of the Soviet Communist Party that did not personally approve of the purges and the gulags. But they signed their names.

Source: whoisioz.blogspot.com

I can’t say I disagree with what he’s saying. Instead, I will say, my choice be damned, that I will be voting for whomever becomes the Democratic nominee for President. It may be no better than the lesser of two evils, but there is, in my opinion, quite a gulf between those two evils. Right or wrong, with the choice(s) before me, that is my plan of action.

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7 Replies to “He who pulls no punches”

  1. I don’t disagree on the finer points (Dems are quite culpable in their own right for the last year…) but let’s not forget the Rep’s had control of both houses for the last 12 years.

    The Dems need to get a spine and start playing as one, not infighting, to rein in this shit that the Rep’s seemed to go along with for so long with no thought to Blowback and repercussions.

    Yes, the Dem. leadership in the last year has left us ALL wanting… but to claim they are AS evil… that just sounds like sourer-than-a-kumquat-jammed-in-your-ass.

    And not to throw salt into my own eye, let’s not forget that the WH has tightly controlled all info going in and out, so who knows what EXACTLY was revealed/disclosed. The fact that the Dems have not come out and PASSED a resolution stating clearly and openly that waterboarding IS torture is infuriating at the very least.

    ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ may have been all they said. Does that mean 100 watt bulbs on all night? Loud music blaring? Scratchy wool blankets and a particle board for a mattress? Warm, flat Billy beer served in a dog dish, obviously still covered in Rover’s slobber and hair?

    Fuck a Republican AND fuck his/her Democratic enabler. But let’s not forget who was in control all these years.

  2. When you have only two valid choices, and either of them means the torture of innocent human being, the predominance of economical interests over the people’s, and the constant degradation of our environment, maybe it’s time for a change.

    A real change. Not just going back and forth from a terribly evil party to a very-evil-but-less-than-the-other one. Somehow, to vote for them is to legitimize their actions…

  3. I think all the candidates suck, but after believing in Bush for the last 8 years, I’m gonna vote Democrat for a change.

    That and I’m for gay rights, which apparently Republicans all think they’re going to hell for.


  4. “Believing in Bush for the last 8 years…”


    Jesus man. Even my cousin from Dallas knew she’d been had in 2004, and she’s a die-hard Republican from Arkansas. It took you THIS long to get it?

    No wonder we are in such bad shape. If someone enlightened enough to visit this unholy site still votes for Bush and fucking believes in him for 8 years… what the fuck is the REST of middle america waiting for?

    Seriously… will we have to start burning witches and pagans before people start to wake up and see we’ve gone completely nutso-idiot-boy on them?

    Jesus man. Good to see you realise the error of your ways. Don’t let me rant turn you away too quickly. I just find it hard to believe, with internet access, that people willingly CHOOSE not to find other sources of info aside from FOX and RUSH and Bill-O…

    I mean, free access to a free and open media and no-one here wants it. There are people dying and being jailed for what we have, but NO ONE CARES.


  5. could the issue be that, when you get right down to it, there is no difference between a rich and powerful republican and a rich and powerful democrat other than marketing spin?