Biker Down: Tykeem Law

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Another one I’ve been holding on to for a good time to post.

There is no good time to post something like this.

From: Matt
Subject: Killadelphia –
They are starting to call your home town “Killadelphia”. Poor kid, just out
riding his bike with friends – shot dead:…mattingly.killadelphia.cnn

I’ve got nothing to say other than Philadelphia is fucked up.

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5 Replies to “Biker Down: Tykeem Law”

  1. This scares me greatly.

    Why? I ride in Philly all the time. Just for fun ususally. Exploring. Grabbing a cheesesteak at 4th and South. Riding in a random parking garage. Or just looking in museums and lawling at people riding track bikes with no brakes around town (what’s with this???). Doing laps on the Ben Franklin bridge just because the city looks so beautiful from up there at night.

    Now I am afraid to ride in Philly. I don’t want to get shot on South.

    This blows. Back to mountain biking maybe?

    My thoughts and love go to the rider, and their friends and family.

  2. While this case does indeed suck, it’s not as simple as “man kills bicyclist”. This is a case of one thug shooting another thug. Thug 1 is driving and honking at Thug 2. Thug 2 turns around and sees that it’s a “punk-ass cracka” doing the honking and confronts him. Thug 1 is now scared that he’s going to get his ass whipped by Thug 2 and his homies, so he shoots Thug 2.

    Would Thug 2 have been shot if he hadn’t gone back?

  3. “Thug” 2 was a 14 year old kid. Yes there are 14 year old thugs. But not every african-american is a thug… Note that who you call thug 2 had no criminal complaints or anything, while Thug 1 did have a history of arrests. Certainly thug 1 had an anger management problem.

    While not all bicyclists are on the up and up, I give the benefit of the doubt here to the poor 14 year old.

    What you call thug behavior on the part of the bicyclist is no different from when I flip off a driver who has cut me off.