Oh hell

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From: Caveman
Subject: fracking canadians…
I love it when I go to canananananada (that has a better ring to it I think)
and the damn folks up their are always giving us hell on how violent we are
(no shit, like we didn’t know that already). Well, finally those bastards
are catching the disease. check out this link…

I don’t know whether that’s bad for them, good for us, or somewhere in between the two.

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3 Replies to “Oh hell”

  1. The best are the comments at the end… “That is just one view point. That is one person’s view point..through the view finder…”

    WTF? Yeah…that speaks the truth, huh? Video does not lie. They Taser’d the crap outta that guy. He was shaking the entire time…for like 45 seconds straight.

  2. What a joke…the RC’s tazer a guy and he dies and now you think we are like you? Pull your head out of your ass Caveman.

  3. Canadians not violent? WTF. They’re fighters, they just don’t like to brag about it, eh. Except for Armistice day when it’s all about Vimy Ridge. And they’ll be more than glad to tell you who exactly is doing the ground work in the roughest parts of Afghanistan looking for GWB’s buddy Osama. That’s right Canadians.

    Of course they are polite, but that doesn’t exclude violence. The whole polite thing is to throw you off guard. Propaganda. But there’s nothing wrong about being civil. And let me tell you if you get your teeth knocked down your throat you deserved it.

    Look at the culture: National sport — Hockey. National Passtime: — killing animals; fishing, hunting and trapping.

    Of course they have strict gun policies, but that doesn’t apply to knives and fists and broken bottles. If you think about it, Americans are wimps the way they hide behind their guns. It’s a real freudian thing if you ask me. What exactly are they compensating for?

    You go to a lot of those remote settlements and they are scarrier than Watts, Cabrini Green or the Bronx. I mean where the fuck are you gonna run when the next town is 200 kilometers away?

    Thunder Bay, Ontario — now that’s a fine place — knifing capital of the world. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.