Biker Jacked

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This is from a week or so back. Keep your eyes open down there in Tucson, kid.

From: Chris
Subject: biker jacked
Just a heads up for all members out there – be careful!

This morning just after 10, Rob McCray was knocked off of his bike, and his bike stolen, while riding on the San Gabriel Riverbed trail, near Eldorado Park (in between Spring & Willow).
Two Hispanic males where apparently casing the area to attack cyclists. One of the guys walked close and knocked Rob off of his bike with an outstretched arm, hitting him in the face & nearly breaking his nose, and then proceeded to grab the contents of his jersey’s pockets. The other guy grabbed his bike and they both rode off on it while Rob was still on the ground.

Rob’s bike is a ’07 Cervelo R3, full Dura Ace, red bar tape, Fizik Arionne saddle, FSA seatpost, Ritchey stem, Dura Ace pedals, Serfas bottle cages.
Size : 53
Not sure what wheels are on the bike, but I think they may be ’07 silver Dura Ace clincher/tubeless ones.

If you see any classified add, or any “for sale” info concerning a bike like this please let Rob know immediately. rmccray [at]

If anyone runs across the Cervelo, the serial number is at the bottom of the bottom bracket and the serial number is SNR306M00416.

Please keep your eyes open for the bike, and be careful, especially on the riverbed bike trails – this seems to happen more on those pathways.

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4 Replies to “Biker Jacked”

  1. Might be time to do some cruisin’ on those trails. We don’t have to put up with shit like this. I’ll be out there in T-town in a week or so. Maybe make myself some new amigos…

  2. The point here is not that these men are Hispanic, the point is that someone got hurt and their bike was stolen. Using tragedy as an excuse to act like a bigot is kind of old news isn’t it?
    If these comments are meant to be sarcastic, I’m sorry I can’t take a joke, this is horrible news and I hope we can all do what we can to stay safe and keep riding!