Joining the congregation

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A young couple interested in joining a new church in their community attends an orientation with two other couples. The pastor gives a short presentation on what the church is all about and then asks the couples to confirm their continued interest, which they do. He then goes on to challenge them to abstain from sex for a month as a means of demonstrating their moral fiber and the strength of their desire to join his congregation.

A month passes, and the six find themselves back in the pastor’s office. He queries the first couple, and they respond that their commitment to the church was so great that a month without sex flew by without any trouble at all. They are cheerfully welcomed into the church. The second couple on the other hand reported almost constant temptation, but so strong was their desire to become members of the church that they resisted, and they too were admitted to the congregation. The tale of the third couple was similar-they began the month full of enthusiasm, but as the month wore on they found their commitment being eroded by their unsatisfied desire.

Finally, the guy starts sobbing: “We tried so hard to keep our promise, but a couple days ago my wife dropped a loaf of bread on the floor, and when she bent over to pick it up, the temptation was just too strong and I just had to have her right then and there.”

The pastor thanked the man for his honesty, but said: “You know, this means that I can’t let you into our church.”

The guy says “That figures; they don’t let us in Safeway any more either…”

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