Time to face the music

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I got a couple of emails about faces yesterday.

Go figure.

From: fritzaholic
Subject: Tammy Thomas
I know, this chick is old news, but she’s in court now, I ran into this article b/c the judge assigned to her case is the same SF judge assigned to Barroid Bonds.
Look at this picture.
I thought the article was a joke at first…

This is the face of steroids in sports, in this case, a butch ass chick, ready to rip your little dope free legs off…

The face does not lie.

From: Mark
Subject: Seen this?
Take a look at that first picture. Am I crazy, or did they Photoshop Armstrong’s head onto that T-Mobile rider’s body? ‘Cause that’s not Riis like indicated in the caption.

Odd. Perhaps some kind of inside joke?

That’s no trick, that’s Bjarne Riis. And, I suppose, the joke at the same time.

Because that is what drug use looks like.

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11 Replies to “Time to face the music”

  1. …”time to face the music”…ya, and deutsche telekom sure just changed their tune…

    …sponsorship is becoming like musical chairs…too many teams and not enough places to go around…

  2. Im sticking with pot-smoking, beer-drinking 29’er singlespeeders thank you very much.

    At least when I get dropped, I know its because I drank too much.

  3. So yeah I was just wondering if the abandoment of the team by T-Mobile marks the begining of sponsors demanding their athletes be clean in all sports? If so I have to say right the fuck on. I am personally going to still ride my road bike, my 29er, or cross bike and just have fun.

  4. Dang, are you sure that’s not a dude in the picture. Like maybe Tom Thomas, cause that’s one sick looking chick otherwise. Erb and beers work for me, I just have to take a nap before I can complete the ride.

  5. The one who looks like Armstrong (in the yellow jersey) is actually Jan Ullrich, but I guess the point’s the same either way.

  6. Don’t forget about un-trimmed juicy steaks, ice cream, and what ever else skinny little want to be’s forgo. I actually started taking first endurance vitamins and Opytgen, which are legal, but it feel so wrong to be swallowing pills with breakfast. Idea is to be able to put in lots of miles with out catching every little cold my kids bring home.

  7. …re: “dude, that chick has a five o’clock shadow”…

    …& probably bigger heuvos than you & me & as far as i can tell, that ain’t particularly a good thing on a chick…

    ..eowww !!!…

  8. I’ll take two girls one cup in HD to even a brief glimpse tammy thomas’ mug 7 days a week.