Letter from a concerned citizen.

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To whom it may concern.

I am writing to inform you of the events of the evening November 29, 2007. Mia’s Lounge is lame. I am a long time Shindaggers fan and part-time merch peddler (the Shindaggers have many wonderful t-shirt choices), and I am calling for the community boycott of this new bar. Sure they have 24 beers on tap, but do they allow local culture to let down its proverbial hair and shake it?
“NO” is the answer to that question.
This bar threw me out for throwing a beer can (or three). Was anyone injured? (you may ask.) No. Its not like I threw a bottle, or a paint can, or a refrigerator. Who, I ask, of your mindful readers cares that I threw an empty beer can? This bar does, and frankly I am angry. Sure I got a little drunk, and sure I did throw that can, but who cares? Really? This bar needs to loosen up, relax, and let local culture have a good time.
Citizens of Flagstaff join me as I boycott Mia’s Lounge, and let uptight business owners know just because they open a new (old) bar and repaint the walls doesn’t mean they can stop us from having fun.
Citizens Unite!

Yours Truly,

The Pineapple, Taxpayer, Citizen.

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About Pineapple

He tried to call himself, "Malibu." But, you know the rules - you don't get to pick your own nickname. The word "pineapple" came to mind. Sorta tropical, spikey & rough, sweet on the inside. And so a nickname was born. "Bike mechanic, poet, sage, former collegiate hockey star. Ok, maybe not a star." (This should really be updated. He works for New Belguim now.) "i am full time bicycle mechanic, and all around nice guy. like to ride bikes, but not very far. like poetry, candle-light dinners, and short walks on the beach. i don't like getting hassled, and i don't like capitalization." Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

15 Replies to “Letter from a concerned citizen.”

  1. HOBOS Represent. That was a good show, but what the fuck. Sabrina got tossed for the same reason. What was with the huge crowd of stiffs not dancing, and the bartenders who suck? Poor showing fo sho

  2. Shit, here in my hometown, I got kicked out of the bar for falling of a barstool (least that’s how I remember it).

    You got away with 3 (as in one more than two) beer cans before you got tossed? Consider yourself LUCKY!

  3. Clearly a Communist.

    If Pineapple supported America and our freedom, his self descriptor should of read:

    Shopper, Taxpayer, Citizen

    We know the best way to support our Troops, is to shop.

  4. Oh man. This post is so lame.

    I got kicked out a bar once for burping too loud. Once.

    Throw an empty beer can and you should be beaten first, then tossed out.

    Word to your mother.

  5. *satire* Yah and to add to that, and what’s up with there being no widescreen flatpannel tv’s playing sports to go with d-bags throwing cans *end satire*

    Lol, I hope yer post was satire as well… but… if ya wanna get tipped and wreck a place, head over to any of the frat bars in Flag or monte V and wreck Jimmy Craven’s property. They’re much better at fostering that form of “culture.” Plus there are plenty of houseshows to throw cans at too.

    *recalls the days of throwing pool balls into the walls @ old Joe’s Place*

    I for one, am stoked that there’s a chill bar in town that doesn’t have douchebag owners. I’m also stoked that I can sit at a bar and actually talk to my friends instead of listening to blaring ass loud booty music.

    Damn, I just read this over and realized I am fucking getting old and crotchety. Well, this old dude will be celebrating his 30th at Mia’s this coming monday perhaps…. so come and mug me for my fixie and my ‘spensive jeans. ;)

  6. fuck………..
    Evel Knievel dead at 69
    Evel Knievel, the hard-living motorcycle daredevil whose exploits made him an international icon, has died

  7. Dude you’re very lucky you weren’t arrested for assault. Sure it was an empty can, but can you tell the difference between a full can and an empty one before it hits you?


  8. They should have just kept serving our man Pineapple. Then when he passes out and wets himself they could write all over his face with sharpies and put a big splooge of Vaseline between his cheeks, leave him wonderin’. He wouldn’t be bringing that up aound here would he? But never mind that.
    Evil Kinevil is DEAD!?!? Holy shit the World is a poorer place. Think about it. That cat was big during the Great Pussy Glut of the seventies. They say he broke every bone in his body. Motherfucker musta broke at least one bone a buncha times with all the tail he had to have had…Holy Shit. A two wheeled Hero, for sure. A moment of silence for our man Evil Kinevil and all present day Daredevils as well…

  9. The Shindaggers say “harden the fuck up”. Assault? Mosh pit anyone? Hey, whatever, tossing beer cans at Shindaggers shows has become a little bit of a tradition. Should it be banned by any bar in particular? Sure, thats fine, its not that big of a deal, but I’m a fan of the warning, before the actual thow out. Its cool to have a venue that offers a place for being rowdy, as well as a place for doing the stand. Sorry if anyone got assaulted or insulted. Pineapple man was our anchor, and when we lost him, the set went to shit.

  10. Hey pineapple, go ride a fucking bike and get over it! Everyone gets kicked out of bars for stupid shit. I suspect you’ll be back in Mia’s before long.