Arrest in cyclist road-rage stabbing

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This shit is off the chain:

Police have arrested a man in connection with a road-rage incident last week in which a cyclist stabbed a motorist with a screwdriver.

According to police, a cyclist was cut off by a driver turning left onto College St. from La Plante Ave., at about 9:45 a.m. on Friday. An escalated confrontation occurred between the two that left the driver with multiple stab wounds in the neck and face from a screwdriver.

The cyclist left the scene after the attack but left his bicycle behind.

The victim was later taken to St. Michael’s Hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Yonan Inwia, 34, is facing five charges including aggravated assault, carrying a concealed weapon and assault causing bodily harm.


How many times have I felt like stabbing a mother fucker after they damn near kill me with their car?

Each and every time.

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25 Replies to “Arrest in cyclist road-rage stabbing”

  1. what about the stupid driver? he should get charged, too. wankers! I hope he’s permanently disfigured with screwdriver wounds.

  2. Dumbv schitt can’t even use a screwdriver right. Eyes people! you have to stab someone in the eyes when all you have is a screw driver. Eye sockets are almost paper thin. Once you get through the eyeball it’s a direct route to the thinking centers of the brain, aka cheap lobotomy. Sheesh don’t they teach people how to kill any more in school? They sure aren’t teaching how to count change, write coherent sentences (much less paragraphs), or speak with good grammar.

  3. Then he should have gone to work on him with a pair of pliers and blow torch. I must admit though “leaving his bike” is suspect as to his true intentions on this planet.

  4. Such hostiluh-tie. Anyways, don’t make ol’ Henry Porter mete out rough justice with a coupla his tire levers. Unh!

  5. You also don’t want to mess with the guy with the hickory cane slung across his back… that is, Me.

    It’s hardly concealed and until it’s used it’s not even considered a weapon.

  6. Jeez—-ya don’t leave your bike after you stab him. Everybody knows you take it with you. Seriously, confrontational motorists are why I carry pepper spray. Get out of the car it’s ON like Donkey Kong. First I spray, then I might kick the shit out of em. I have a pistol too. Haven’t had to use either, but the next crazy redneck who wants beef will get it.

  7. So what does that make my multi tool?
    An arsenal?

    That means that Sat. bike swap here in Tucson was like a gun show.

    He should’ve beaten him with his bike.
    that way he wouldn’t have forgoten it.

  8. …conspiracy theory: he stole the bike, went out looking for a confrontation, fucked w/ the guy big time (stabbing him in the face w/ a screwdriver ???…ouch) & walked away, leaving the bike so those cycling bitches would get blamed…

    …hey, i prefaced this by saying it was a conspiracy theory, no ???…

  9. I always wonder what would happen if I did try to throw down with somebody with road shoes on…I’d be slippin’ all over the place and probably break my own neck. Or…do you just say “hang on a second” and take the shoes off? Oh yeah…and would you continue to wear your helmet? That would seem almost unfair to the other guy, and I’m a sporting gentleman. These are things I wonder.

  10. sommerfliesby—that’s why I don’t wear road shoes. I wear Shimano touring shoes. They look like road shoes but have a rubber sole.

  11. …jobst brandt would bore him into submission, tears & ultimately death, by quoting facts & figures relating the consequences of contacting car-body paint w/ non-anodized aluminum rims & how the bicycle / vehicle etiquette interface would be dealt w/ in france, belgium, italy & holland…

    …hell, i just bored myself to tears describing this…

  12. urbanseeds wrote: “How is a screw driver a concealed weapon? And if you stab someone in the throat with it…it certainly isn’t concealed then is it?”

    It certainly WAS concealed after he shoved it into the man’s thought.

  13. I roll with my riciolo’ double action switch blade in the center jersey pocket for this very reason. us virginia cyclists don’t take to crazy red neck tractor drivers very nicely. im feeling this one.

    more power to the man.


  14. Right on Mr. Nukka, I myself carry a Severtech autoknife made by some fine folks out in Tucson AZ. Haven’t gone as far yet, but had a coworker at one point that used to ride with a massive, long-barreled .45 revolver on his left hip. He said cars never fucked with him. Had another coworker who did the shotgun trip with a scabbard/ rack deal when he lived in CA. He would get stopped by every single law enforcement office who passed by. Too much hassle he said. If you think about, the pepper spray is probably the way to go- a pulled trigger can last forever.