The Pope of DrunkCyclist?

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This just in, from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram via The San Francisco Chronicle:

Police Cite Man for Watching Porn in Car
Police issued a citation for a man accused of watching pornography on his car DVD player. Cameron J. Walker, 24, of Irving, was issued misdemeanor citations for obscene display or distribution, not having a driver’s license and having an open container of alcohol, Fort Worth police said.

An officer on patrol noticed the pornographic images inside the car as it drove by and then parked near a club about 2 a.m. Monday, Fort Worth police Lt. Dean Sullivan said. The images of “multiple naked people” on the 10-inch screen could be seen by someone walking outside the car, Sullivan said.

Could this be the legendary Pope of DrunkCyclist? He who distributes the gluten-free wafers stamped with Jenna Jameson’s visage and the mugs of dago red? I mean, he’s got the open container, the porn, he’s clubbin’. We don’t gotta buy him a Popemobile or nothin’ ’cause he’s already got his own ride.

And there’s the tipoff. This asshat was driving a car. Now, if he’d been on a bike. . . .

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5 Replies to “The Pope of DrunkCyclist?”

  1. i pronounceth thee Pope of all DCdom. hail for he who haveth porn shall bring the popcorn to the strip club parking lot.

  2. Only in Ft. Worth would a cop bother to arrest someone for that bullshit.

    At least he didn’t get arrested in Angelo’s parking lot.