I Ain’t Sayin’ Back Him, But Let the Man Speak

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Since yesterday’s post generated 41 comments, I figured someone out there must at least give a shit.

So they are at it again. Presidental Candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) has been to date excluded from the Republican debate in Iowa. Whether or not you like the guy, he is an essential voice which needs to be heard in this debate. You can sign a petition to get FOX (Fair and Balanced, my ass) to put him before the people here.

FOX News (Fair and Balanced my ass) and the Iowa GOP has yet to invite Ron Paul to Iowa GOP debate being held on Dec 4th. I don’t care if you support Ron Paul or not, this shows favoritism towards the other candidates. What fair is fair, let Ron Paul participate in the debate. You can sign the online petition , you can call FOX directly (1-888-369-4872) or call Mary Tiffany of the Iowa GOP (515-282-8105) . This must not happen, fair is fair! Don’t don’t be a jackass when you call dear Mary or your buddy Rupert Murdoch. Please be courteous, to the point and express the American people’s desire to hear what Ron Paul has to say

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22 Replies to “I Ain’t Sayin’ Back Him, But Let the Man Speak”

  1. Chopper,
    Thanks for the post yesterday. It was fun and enlightening. Aint no way I am voting for Paul. I wish he would run as an independent and steal votes ala Nader. Keep doing the good work.

  2. Come on, you might not agree with what he says, but he has a right to say it.

    And since I intend to vote I’d like to hear what everyone running has to say and do my own research so I can make an informed decision… I’m funny that way.

  3. I treid to sign it but couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. He should be able to speak. He amkes all the other Reps look like the fools that they are.

  4. Chopper, great dialog on the other post.

    If you are interested in the “income” tax issues the 16th Amendment and the history involved, suggested reading is “Constitutional income do you have any” pretty dry reading but very educational and clarifies some of the questions and misunderstandings above about the 16th amendment what “income” means, the difference between a (corporation citizen… a creation of congress) and citizen by right as in We the People. http://www.constitutionalincome.com/

    The 16th amendment was passed in February 1913 the same year that the Federal Reserve was formed. I think it is important to understand how and why and by whom the Federal Reserve was formed. Then how the federal reserve works. The value of our dollar is literally crashing primarily because the Fed has printed too much money and kept interest rates artificially low.

    There are things that I don’t square with the Ron Paul on. However he is the only one that is truthfully pointing out the deep deep do do we are in. Foreign policy based on perpetual war, Hillary and Rudy are both neocons for all intents and purposes the Democrats have failed miserable to get us out of Iraq. None of the other candidates are expressing the reality that our economy is about to hit the big shit fan.

    Don’t know if you read the papers in the last couple of days but the new Chinese oil Co PetroChina that just started trading is immediately two times bigger than Exxon Mobil that was the biggest corporation in the world. http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/11/06/2082707.htm?section=business the next day the Chinese are saying they are going to dump a bunch of dollars and use more euros. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=alGVN031e30s&refer=home One of the issues is that the Chinese and much of the rest of the world are tired of buying oil in US dollars because they have to “hold” US dollars all the time while the currency is devalued on purpose by the federal reserve. Therefore, by default we tax the rest of the world. http://www.energybulletin.net/12125.html our citizenry may not understand what is going on but the countries that have to buy / sell oil in US dollars sure as hell do because they loose money on the devaluation. http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/11/02/mideast_dollar/ Did you know Saddam started selling oil in euros in 2000-good thing 9/11 happened so we could shut that program down (mission accomplished). Now you have Iran in the process of selling oil in euros with there good buddies Russia. Even our best allies like Japan don’t want to buy oil in US dollars. Well this, oil sold only in US dollars, is part of the “our interests” that the neocons, Hillary and others say they must protect and they will by force if necessary. Eventually, maybe soon unless we stop Iran’s supposed “”nuclear”” program, when more and more oil is sold in currencies other than US dollars our dollar will collapse. Dr Paul is trying to open our eyes, tighten our belts, strengthen our country, and attempt to hold the value of the dollar before it is too late–before we have to form a North American Union out of financial necessity.

    Paul T

  5. That’s all fine and good but what about a shout out our own Dennis Kucinich who can’t get a fair shake (even with a hot wife or “FLILF”) even with his own party polls.

    Democracy for America (Howard Dean’s organization) said they’d back whoever won their poll. Well after Dennis won they said they’d only back whoever received 66% of votes. http://democracyforamerica.com/pulsepoll/results

    This is going to be one long election and for what??…

  6. If I stretch it I might be able to agree with some of RP’s financial views. Socially, he’s on the other side of the spectrum from me. Another fundamentalist, racist, homophobic goat-fucker, no better than the “islamofascists” the right is always complaining about. It amazes me that the right wing doesn’t see that how they see the fundamentalist Muslim world, is how the rest of the world sees us (because of them). Their hatemongering is identical. Fundamentalism is wrong. Period. When you use your religious views to justify hating or marginalizing someone you’ve crossed the line in my book. However, he does deserve to debate with the rest of that group of pigs.

    It is too bad Kucinich isn’t taken seriously. I hope he brings up Cheney’s impeachment weekly from now until the election. I would be nice to see the Dem’s grow some balls before the election. Quit playing nice you panty wipes! And I don’t understand why the Repugnicans aren’t jumping on the bandwagon. None of them want to be associated with Mr 10%. They could actually save some face by doing it. We are so fucked.

  7. el jefe, do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Ron Paul is neither racist, homophobic, NOR a goat fucker. He’s a Duke Medical School graduate, Air Force veteran, and the only member of Congress who returns unused budgeted money every year. He’s not anti-gay. He believes people should be looked at as Americans. Not gay Americans, not African americans, just Americans. Yes, he wants to secure the border and eliminate benefits for illegal aliens—but he also wants to punish the corporate bastards who exploit the illegals. He also wants to end the war immediately. He understands that the problems we have with the Islamic worls are largely caused by our foreign policy, and wants to quit mucking around in other countries’ affairs.

    Dr. Paul is pro-life, but would you expect anything else from someone who’s spent his life delivering babies? However, he doesn’t believe the abortion issue is a Federal one—he believes it should be left up to the states, and that’s fine by me. Let the voters decide.

  8. …i have a policy of never trusting anyone who wants to be a politician…kinda lowers the availability factor…

    …in the court of worldwide public opinion, ah, shit, never mind…

  9. Mike, do you? There isn’t the space here to do a full expose but here’s a bit…

    Go back and do a little research on his views of black people. Re. DC: “I think we can safely assume that 95% of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal. If similar in-depth studies were conducted in other major cities, who doubts that similar results would be produced? We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, but it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings, and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.”

    Those are HIS words. See if you can find copies of his zines: The Ron Paul Political (later the Survival) report. He’s a fundamentalist Christian who believes that the US should be a Christian country. He thinks we should pull out of the United Naitons. He’s received a perfect rating from the John Birch Society. He counts David Duke and other white supremacists as supporters. He’s a regular guest on the Alex Jones show (I live in TX, AJ is probably the biggest conspiracy nut on the face of the planet.) He thought the Mexican military helping out with Katrina relief was part of a NAFTA golbalization scheme. He thinks we should go back to the gold standard. He’s insinuated Hillary Clinton a lesbian, and that Vince Foster was Bill’s coke dealer. He’s a fucking wingnut. He’s against raising CAFE standards and for drilling in ANWAR. He wants to shield oil companies from MTBE lawsuits. He dosen’t see why oil companies should have to pay fees to drill in our waters in the Gulf of Mexico…

    Do I need to go on? Just because he is a pediatrician and against the war in Iraq, it doesn’t make his other views o.k. I stand by what I said. He’s a very bad idea for this country. If you think Waco and Ruby Ridge are calls to arms, he might be the candidate for you. But hell, if he splits the republican party, then great let him talk.

  10. el jefe—He has stated publicly that those are NOT his words. A staffer wrote them in a newsletter, and Dr. Paul has apologized for the staffer ever since. BUT—the words aren’t untrue, are they?

    Conspiracy nuts have a right to support a political candidate, too. Big tent, and all that. Do we really want to start cherry picking supporters? By that standard, then Hillary Clinton should be shunned because she has the support of radical athiest lesbians, Barack Obama should be shunned because he belongs to a racist church….

    The MOST important issues facing the country right now are the war and the economy. Period. All the silly, petty social issues people get worked up about aren’t going to destabilize the country. Failure to get a handle on a tanking economy WILL.

    Do you think any Democrat(except for Gravel or Kucinich) will end the war? Really? The top two are fully willing to rattle the saber at Iran. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton–in fact, Hillary Clinton has been briefed by GWB as to how to continue the war in Iraq if she’s elected. There is only one candidate who is not beholden to big corporate money, and only one candidate who understands both the economy AND the war. You know who that is.

  11. insert flavor flav snicker here, I couldn’t resist,.

    If homey RP liberates this country that has been under secret occupation since the 30’s then…..yeah let the revolution unite use all.

  12. Mike,
    He still doesn’t distance himself from hate groups. He still published that quote in HIS newsletter (in 1992), and as of the late 90’s you could still request a copy from him. That doesn’t sound like he was too ashamed of it then. He published that newsletter for years. And his words are untrue and bigoted, and if you believe them then you are taking that first step into bigotry. You can’t say that any race is more inclined to violence or crime. He also said that white collar crime was only done by whites and asians. You can’t explain away his racist statements, and you can’t deny that he’s a fucking nutjob.

    Where did I ever say I supported Clinton or Obama? I was talking about Ron Paul being a wingnut. My problems with the other candidates are for another argument which I don’t have the time or energy for.

    Yes, the war and the economy are the two biggest issues facing the country. One of the reasons we are in that mess is that Republican administrations since Reagan have been telling us to be afraid of all brown people from the middle east. Those “silly” social issues are what will allow this country to get even more divided over the xenophobic fear of all things different. The environmental issues that RP wants to dismiss will impact everyone. Just because he’s the only Republican who says he’ll get us out of the war, doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bad idea for this country. Isolationist policies will not save our economy.

    RP will not liberate us from any secret occupation, he’ll make it worse.

    I’m done. Go have a drink. I’m having one too.

  13. Ron Paul works for me. I see a candidate that might actually be telling us the truth. What a nice change that would be.

  14. Thanks El Jefe, I am a little over trained and over zealous. Could you tell me how he could make it worse. What i see are three viable options…Paul, Kucinich and Obama. The rest are business as usual or snow balls in hell. Paul got me excited for the reason he could draw on that republican voter base as well as many others and put up a fight against the brain washed mass voters for Clinton and Guilianii. We are screwed in the case of either of them. In a straight up “who is the man” vote Dennis all the way. Obama is a nice guy and probably a first rate vice pres.

    So to vote with my heart or for the most probable winner of viable candidates

  15. No candidate even MENTIONS the national debt—except for Paul. The national debt climbed under Clinton. Sure, he played the numbers game and had a budget which wasn’t in deficit—but he never paid a dime off of the deficit. The deficit is what’s devaluing the currency. If we don’t fix THAT, there will be no country. But what do the other candidates want to talk about? Stupid social issues to divide people into camps. They want to tell you how they want to spend your tax money to buy your votes. It’s ridiculous. We need a policy of fiscal reponsibility—or we’re going to have to declare bankruptcy, sell off infrastructure, AND dump our currency for another. It’s an emergency.

    Black people DO commit more violent crime than others. That why the prisons are full of them. Facts are facts.

  16. Actually this petition was from June, no wonder it’s closed.

    >Many Americans, including the undersigned, have eagerly >anticipated the presidential candidates’ forum that Iowans for >Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance will be hosting in >Des Moines on June 30th, 2007.

  17. Yes the impending crash of the dollar is an emergency. At least under Bill Clinton, we had the choice of where to put our budget surplus. We’ve gone from a budget surplus (even if we weren’t being smart and immediately using it to pay down our debt) to Reaganesqe levels of deficit spending because of that fucking war. Republicans DO NOT get to talk about being the party of fiscal responsibility. They lost that right with Shrub (well they lost it a long time before that, but they need to be skewered for it now.) He’s ruining our economy. Wasting our ability to fund social programs so that he can keep his daddy’s business partners happy.

    You can’t seriously be so simplistic as to believe that there aren’t confounding factors about why there are more blacks in prison prison than whites. Economics? Access to education? Quality of legal representation? Fear of brown people? These are all things that are more often against you if you are anything but white.

    RP says some enticing things. I’m just not willing to forgive him for his other views or past actions. Luckily, RP isn’t ever going to be taken seriously on the large scale. Unfortunately, neither will Kucinich or Richardson. Since we need a more “slick” candidate than either of them (the consumers have spoken…) That leaves Obama and Edwards. I wish I had faith that the country had gotten over their bigotry enough for Obama to be elected. No he’s not perfect, but he’s not the pure concentrated evil of the Republicans, and I have a big problem with 24 years of leadership from 2 families if Clinton is elected. And I still think her campaign is going to implode. A black and a hispanic could be good for the country, but it’ll probably have to be another cracker (Edwards) with Obama as VP as a viable ticket. I’m not happy with it, but another 4 years with a fundamentalist Republican will completely ruin this country.