Some guys have all the luck

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From: Brad
Subject: Re: Last call
So I’m sitting here eating sushi, drinking a PBR, and doing my thing.

Did some cold weather sleeping under the stars this past weekend. Rode ~45 miles out of town with three other idiots into the 50deg day, and 30deg night. No tents, we had planned to stay at this lean-to deal with a chimney and shit, but there was a pair of squares there.

Plan B, which we made up on the spot, was to build a fire and sleep around it out in the open, since it wasn’t going to rain. So we got to it, the cops even pointed us towards a nice stack of dry wood just off the trail. Yeah. So we ate and ate and ate some more, as we brought the works in food. Oh yeah man. Knob Creek, Indian cuisines, and soy dogs over the fire.

‘Round 9:30 we discovered that we were out of water, and that none of the four pumps at this giant site were working. Geniuses. Rode the 4 miles back into the nearest town for water, where some thuggy dude tried to get us to fight a couple of times.

“Want to box? I’m a champ in eight states!” looking all thugged out in fucking West Newton PA, population a few thousand. Right dude, I’m from the real city just down river and have lived through a home invasion with implied guns and the whole works. Drunken hick-thug doesn’t faze me.

Off into the night we rode, with water. Woke up with frost on the sleeping bags, but everyone was in good shape with nice stuff. Coffee, feast in West Newton, and the slowest ride home ever.

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