Vegas memories

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Ah, that was a fun night. Hanging out by the run-up is where I lost my voice.

And seeing the AZ contingent almost get escorted out by security for just being all Arizona and shit was classic. I love the fact the vid captures one sailing empty twelve pack soaring out on course @ :22 seconds in. And, and I say, you can also witness Sweaty McFreakout running down the barriers to pick up said empty twelve pack @ :35 seconds. Oh, I wish you could have heard that cat cry like someone kicked his own mother in the teeth afterwards.

I do have a new found respect for Nat Ross now though… Who knew he’s pass up cold hard cash for beer? More than makes up for the hair farming.

Vid below the fold. Probably won’t work for folks using IE6.


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One Reply to “Vegas memories”

  1. …if i’m sorry that i didn’t make vegas , that’s why…

    …nat ross shows diversity as a beer drinker…he can drink it out a’ the bowl like the rest of us dogs (on the run, no less) or he can do the ‘sip it out a’ the air’ method which takes more practice…

    …cheers, mate…