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17 Replies to “It’s like Deja Vu all over again”

  1. The US of A could keep him in check at full strength.

    But with our fingers in so many pies at the moment, the Putins, Hugo Chavez’s, etc of the world think they can do whatever they want.

    Sad thing is. They can. Who’s going to stop them ??

  2. …a little vuja de, huh, rub our noses in reality, huh…ok, i’m game, so thanks for the zeit’ link…this kinda thing should be viewed more often & by the mainstream in particular…

    …like wee alex in ‘a clockwork orange’, it’s time to clip open the glazzies, america, & viddy the truth…feeling sick, you say, well, well, if viewing reality makes you sick, don’t turn away, change it…do something about it…

  3. my life sucks anyway… thanks for reminding me that there is a world beyond my life, which is ultimately responsible for why my life sucks.

  4. Exploding shit rules ! We need more explosions here on DC. That’s what we’ve been missing. That and more tits.

  5. nice chopper, thanks for the pick me up. i will have to watch that movie again, i was only catching about half of it. that was almost enough. larry craig needs to watch that movie and get the fuck out of office, he is disgracing our state.

  6. Wow. That’s all I can say about Zeitgeist. Wow. I think that is the scariest film I’ve ever seen. I knew about the fraud of the Federal Reserve, but the rest of it? Holy Shyte.

  7. Spot on Chopper. Maybe it’s time for a little freeway decoration session. Oh, and time to quit paying my federal income tax.

  8. you can read nothing or a lot into it. it is hard to debunk an entire religion in 20 min anyway. i agree. the rest. interesting.
    ultimately bush vs putin leads to SDI. its imperialism. like or not. its a race for ultimate i pod dominance. satellites and shit.
    when china ends up owning the US because of low interest mortgage fall out we’ll have to control it from somewhere. (anyone see they bought into bear sterns for one billion dollars? see what is happening at merril lynch?)
    i don’t think this is about country. i think the last six plus years have been about consolidation of wealth.
    whatever. raced cross today. i can’t think straight.

  9. when china ends up owning the US because of low interest mortgage fall out

    at least the food won’t completely suck

  10. NY state to implement face recognition metrics on drivers liscense with option to upgrade to Canadian passort version.

    Soon, all states??…then, Canada/Mexico passport version???, to aid the Texas Super Highway stretching from CAN thru US into MEX.

    Then North American Union established courts will trump the US constitution just as EU did to Germany recently in the VW Porshe hostile takeover case.

    I showed you guys the zeitgeist link months ago….holla