Tom Hoskins and Lee Ann Berry

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A Columbia man who was riding in a charity bike ride near Charlotte was killed by a van Sunday afternoon.

State troopers say 49-year-old Thomas Hoskins of Columbia and 49-year-old Lee Ann Berry of Charlotte were killed.


Lee Ann Berry’s website:

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8 Replies to “Tom Hoskins and Lee Ann Berry”

  1. …no details yet, but these two were VERY experienced cyclists…this was the 4th time in 8yrs they’d ridden a 6,000 mile charity ride across the country…can’t imagine they were being careless…

  2. Jail time for negligent drivers who harm or kill cyclists is the perfect solution, but how about jail time PLUS a lifetime license revokation? If enough people start losing licenses it might be a motivator for drivers to be more careful.

  3. What saddened me was the short amount of time before comments started appearing blaming the cyclists for being on the road where they got hit, less than an hour after opening up the article for comments.

    Sda, very sad.


  4. …most of us are either involved or know someone involved in our own community, that works towards changing the consciousness & the laws regarding bicycles…despite those efforts, despite the changing laws, there are drivers out there that will never regard cyclists as anything more than a nuisance, ‘fools out playing in traffic where they shouldn’t be’…
    …all the best efforts, don’t amount to much at times because it’s not ingrained in our culture…it’s gotta be taught early & constantly re-enforced…

    …i guarantee you there drivers out there that have hit & killed cyclists & see themselves as victims of those “stupid cyclists who get in the way”…sad but true…

  5. I won’t ride a bicycle in Columbia or anywhere, for that matter, in South Carolina. Drivers and passengers will yell at you, throw stuff at you, or try to run you off the road. It was bad enough riding a bike in West Bend, Wisconsin. People seem to be jerks everywhere.