You broke my heart, Floyd.

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You broke my heart, Floyd. You broke my heart.

Floyd signed this

Now what I have instead of a matching set of you, Armstrong, Lemond and Hampsten (the four American Grand Tour winners) all framed and hanging on my my walls, I have the Big Three and an autographed posted of the first guy to ever be stripped of a Tour title.

Thanks for that.

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17 Replies to “You broke my heart, Floyd.”

  1. Floyd is getting screwed. He is innocent. To decide for yourself, read the blog.The problem for WADA was the lab. Their work was so poorly done that if Floyd were to be found innocent, every other athletes’ positive (from the French lab) would seek to be exonerated too.

  2. It took over a year for them to come to this conclusion I think that there was more evidence available than we are told. Maybe not and maybe there was a cover-up, or a conspiracy to take down Floyd. Maybe they were trying to cover their asses. I still want to know how a man goes from getting his ass handed to him, to laying down a monster time trial to the likes that no one has ever seen, and then just hangs on to win. I have competed in many sports, Football, track, running, hockey, BMX, and now road and cyclocross, I have never seen that. Yeah “teams” come back from monster deficeits to win but I have never seen anyone do that. There was something else going on. I have a feeling it was illegal. If not shame on him for not giving it his all that tour and waiting til one stage to do it, or shame on him for doing drugs, either way he cheated us.

  3. SOOOOO sick and tired of the floyd fanboys….they clearly have never raced at an elite level….watch the 06′ tour, then come tell me Floyd was clean ‘that’ day. It is simple really.

  4. I don’t think that we saw an innocent guy get railroaded here but it’s really unfortunate that there’s not much in the decision that can be used as leverage to clean up the testing side of the equation. Some would argue that rigid, universal protocols would just show the cheats exactly what they had to beat, but the kind of sloppiness we saw here just wrecks the credibility of an institution that everyone is ultimately going to have to trust before the cycling cesspool can be drained.

  5. I am sure that he was doping, but at the same time, the lab work is pretty fucked. There is little to no oversight and as far as science goes, they are violating the scientific process with their results. The results must be replicated by an outside party.

    Floyd got eaten deservedly so, but he shoved a fat chicken bone in the throat of the beast.

  6. First commenter, take a good deep pull off of the ammonia bottle and shake the cobwebs out of your fucking head. This “conspiracy” and “the lab testing procedures are flawed cause… well, they eat cheese or whatever” are pure and simple bullshit. In discussing the possibility that his ‘B’ sample test may or may not confirm the conclusion of the ‘A’ sample test Landis says in his work of fiction _Positively False_ (guffaw, snort), “If the lab made the mistake once, they’re bound to make it again”. Surrrre. By following this line of logic that would mean that if a lab ever made a mistake, it would always make the mistake. So, every rider should fail every test. But yet the facts are only _Landis_ failed tests done after Stage 17. To quote the NYTimes article of April 24,2007; “Don Catlin, the former head of the U.C.L.A. antidoping lab who now runs his own antidoping research facility, said that initial tests of urine samples could produce negative results because none of the tests fail the screening for a high ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone. If a sample comes back below the threshold of four to one, he said, there is nothing to trigger the more sophisticated carbon isotope ratio test. That test examines the atomic makeup of testosterone in the urine and can determine if it is natural or synthetic.” Hence, further testing. To the conclusion that He. Had. Synthetic. Testosterone. In. His. Body. Dork.

  7. if he said that he took it so he could grow a better mustache I’d give him a few props.

    he should shave that puberty stach he rolls with. stop tryn to look like the Mario

    oh and another thing, anyone ever wonder why his father in law wacked himself shortly after the first positive? wasent he one of Floyds trainers early on

    right on vv fuck floyd

  8. …are you aware that french people eat snails, frog’s legs, horse meat & smelly cheese ???…that is no way to go through life…
    …no wonder they’re so ‘french’…i wish they’d do something about that…

    …oh, right, about floyd ???…well i don’t know either cuz i wasn’t there…

  9. Dear Floyd;

    You are right, this wasn’t a fair trail. It is never a fair trial when the defense’s legal team and entourage threaten witnesses before testimony. You are absolutely right when you say that there is poor character and dishonesty; especially when the accused alibi changes day to day along with their conviction. You did prove to us all that there is much doubt here.

    You lying sack of shit


    Tyler Hamilton

  10. You lost me Floyd when you dropped the Whiskey shots and cream on your sack alibi. I would have sent you money had you kept that story. The problem with it though is that every man has used that one at least twice. With me anyway.

    If it makes you happy