Baffling violence left lone bicyclist dying on a lawn

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Thumb blisters aside, Mark Loesch was excited about the new tire he put on his rebuilt bicycle late Wednesday.

When his wife, Samantha, went to bed after they watched the 10 p.m. news, Loesch told her he was going out for a “quick spin.” She thought nothing of it.

“He might have been coming to my house,” said Gene Chadwick, his best friend and frequent riding partner. “It wouldn’t be unlike him to pop over and say ‘Hello.'”

He never arrived.


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5 Replies to “Baffling violence left lone bicyclist dying on a lawn”

  1. So, was he hit and run, or did someone pull him off his bike and beat him up? Hit and run is bad enough, but to get grabbed and beaten to death? Seriously screwed up.


  2. There is serious hate toward cyclists out there for some reason. I saw dudes throw a BigGulp full of ice at some guy in front of me the other day. Random.

    That isn’t clost to what this guy got.

    What is it with all the rage against us.

    RIP and love to the family

  3. Mark Loesch was beaten to death, apparently. The neighborhood he was riding through is pretty rough—three teenagers were shot and killed earlier that week.