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18 Replies to “Landis Ruling”

  1. …thumbs down for landis…they’ve thrown him to the lions…patrice & christian p. are double dancing for joy…no floyd, no pro tour, la vie formidable…

    …the real tragedy is that it’s basically a big thumbs up for the lab…hey now, get your house in order but we think yer great even w/ all yer mistakes & media leaks……that aspect is just fucking wrong…there needs to be a big public housecleaning…

  2. did they even look at the testimony of that hormone expert — the “rock star of endocrinology” i read that his expert opinion was that they must have tested some related simian being, but the test was obviously not performed on a human…kind of rules out floyd, don’t it?

    not saying he was clean, but how the fuck can you hang a guy with romper room evidence?

  3. Joe ‘knob gobbler’ Papp is a total jackass. I bet he sitting at home wondering what the fuck to do now that he’s launched the shark so far that he doesn’t know where it’s going to land.

  4. hey – i think it was 2001 that Brian ‘two guns’ Trdina punched Papp in the face at the 5-points crit in Indiana, PA. Papp whined about it and the promoter told them to go the the alley where he couldn’t see them.

    Check out http://www.doucheblogcycling.blogspot.com for some more of his antics.

    Oh, and on Papp smear’s webpage, he’s got a win at the tour of strongland listed. That race is split up in a and b classes and most of the dudes have camelbaks on – even in the A race. Papp attacked up the wrong side of a road with a concrete median just before the finish so nobody could get on his wheel. Big win though! I think he got a free slurpie at the gas statoon on the way out of town and a xxxl Vetta helmet.

  5. doucheblogcycling is a cool site!

    Dan Chew! Is he still alive?

    Always fun to hear Joe “Douchebag” stories.

    Keep em coming!

  6. …stop mentioning the otherwise unremarkable idiot & let him slid back into ‘douchebaganonymity’…heh heh…i made up that last word, case ya couldn’t tell…

  7. Trdina popped Meyerson, not Papp.

    You are talking about the situation where the guy’s skull was caved in, right? That was Adam Hodges Myerson.

  8. “Papp attacked up the wrong side of a road with a concrete median just before the finish so nobody could get on his wheel.”

    How is that an unfair advantage? Even if he remained on the same side of the road, the chaser must catch and overtake. Otherwise, we’re talking about a dead-heat (best man wins).

    Do not get me wrong. I think it sucks that Papp whored himself out to USADA in exchange for a lighter sentence of his own. Especially since Papp shed ABSOLUTELY no light on the facts of the Landis case….and I think that Landis is as guilty as hell. It still is a shame that Papp was allowed to testify. I think it was already well-established the pro cyclists dope, and dope a lot.

  9. “Either way Landis could far out-ride my sorry ass on any given day so I can’t say shit.”

    Sure you can. Even lowly Cat-4’s are victimzed by dopers. Guys like Floyd provide the motivation for these yutzes.

  10. Maybe Floyd did, maybe he didn’t. We won’t ever really know because LNDD ought to be called “Drunken Pierre’s House of Science Testing and Stuff” They have repeatedly had problems with protocol and leaks. Yet they keep their accreditation. They should get one chance, just like the riders. If they have leaks or don’t follow protocol, then they should have their licenses pulled. All of their evidence would have been thrown out in any criminal proceedings. Additionally, USADA just showed how biased they are by how they handled the hearings, and ruled in favor of a shaky case for doping for something like the 30th time. (Remember, NO ONE has ever won an appeal to them) I’m all for kicking cheaters out of the sport, but the labs need to be held to the same standard. If you are going to ruin someone’s career, then you had better have bulletproof evidence. If the UCI, WADA, LNDD, ASO, etc. can’t get their acts together then it does more harm to the sport than good. If Floyd cheated then I want him gone, but I can’t bring myself to trust the lab or USADA.

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  12. …straight up, el jefe…”drunken pierre’s house of science testing and stuff” shouldn’t even be able to test papp smears…
    …oops, i said i wasn’t gonna mention that biological refuse any more…

  13. I figured his story might be bullshit when extensive testing showed no benefit to my cycling from increased consumption of Jack Daniels.

  14. …all extensive scientific testing aside, john, didn’t that ‘jack’ make you “feel” like you were a bad bike mofo ???…

  15. lets require them to get drunk on Jack (or something really hangover making like Knob Creek) every night… You want to start tomorrow? 5 shots before bed you sally…