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Business name of the week: Morning Wood, seen stenciled on the back of a beater Dodge 2WD pickup riding ominously low on its springs today in Bibleburg, Colorado. The outfit apparently delivers wood, perhaps to our many Repuglicant family-values sky pilots, maybe even the sort used in fireplaces and woodstoves. Who could know? Don’t ask, don’t tell, that’s my motto. But I’ll tell you one thing: If Ted Skaggard had known you could buy it by the truckload here in Bibleburg, he never would’ve driven to Denver to rent it, and he’d still be running Nude Life Church.

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4 Replies to “Log-jammin’”

  1. Oh man, the double entendre just kills … as my man Greg Brown wrote “if you don’t get it at home … you’re going to go looking”