Why my head hurts this morning…

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It’s about the beer. All about the beer.

At €15, or about $20.50, per case of 20 bottles, Welde is one of the most expensive beers in Germany, on a par with Becks. Günther Kollmar, owner of the competing Oettinger brewery in central Germany, fairly chokes on his Pilsener at the thought of the high prices that back such slick marketing campaigns.

“This is a sellout of good names,” Kollmar said. “It has nothing to do with the quality of the beer because there is no bad beer in Germany.”

Oettinger is the German brewer best known for a price-cutting strategy aimed at rising volume. A case of its flagship product, a tasty dry Pilsener like Welde’s, costs less than €6 per case. But it brewed about 60 times as much as Welde’s 100,000 hectoliters last year.

Aspiring premium brewers in Germany are currently living out an unintended consequence of the German Purity Law of 1516, Kollmar and other critics of premium beers point out.

That royal decree, designed to protect quality and limit competition with bakers for wheat, specified that only water, barley and hops could go into beer. Though they have been modified in the years since, the restrictions, which apply to all beers sold in Germany, have helped produce delicious brews to this day.

Yup. German beer is awesome, and Oettinger is what the bums in the playground across the street from me drink. But at 6€ a case, it is the best buzz you can get for the change you find in your couch. It sure beats a 12 of Natural Light or PBR. (No offense to PBR fans, of which I am one.)


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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

15 Replies to “Why my head hurts this morning…”

  1. That is fucked.
    I love cheap beer too, but when Corona costs more than Stella, there is seriously something wrong.

  2. Try to get your hands on some Kolsch style beer. I think you’ll be pleased. Doesn’t matter how cheap or how expensive, it’s all good in Germany. Too bad we don’t have the same situation here.

  3. …speakin’ a beer, i wonder how it’s gonna taste (bitter / sweet) at the end of the day at the ‘ghetto in the meadow”…

    …score at half, …feeling a little penn’ed in, might need to go for a ride…

    …also wondering if curvature of the earth affects compass settings, if you’re, you know, tryna align things…hmmm…

  4. …wow, interesting…posted half time score in eagles / pack game in previous blog but they didn’t register…used brackets…

    …anybody know ??why/how come??…

    …this site ?…yahoo ?…nfl spies lurking around my house ?…wasn’t drinking a beer, so wouldn’t register ?…baffled…

  5. Something of a non-sequitor, but if anyone ends up in East Burke VT to ride Kingdom trails it is very much worth the 10min drive to Lyndonville for a sampling of the fine fine Trout River Brewery product. (They open up for awesome pizza on Fri and Sat)
    The Brewmaster is passionate about his product and it shows.
    ..incidentally the Trout River Weizenbock is why MY head is foggy.

  6. It’s not a Fratty without the Natty. Ahem.

    No wining about the cost of beer in Germany. Those bottles are half liters if I remember correctly. We made that’all we could fucking carry’ casual beer run for ‘weekend brews’and it was like 10euro. And all your damn beer is good. Everywhere we went in munich.

    bikepunk I hate you. Next time I have a 12oz bottle of imported recycled piss (pacifico) from a $7.99 6-pk, I’ll think of you.

    PS> smuggle in as much augustiner as you can for SSWC08. It’s gonna be on, bitch.

  7. I am starting, just starting mind you, to think about that beer pour pic the same way I was thinking about that horse.

    Time for somebody to POST THE FUCK UP!

  8. “Time for somebody to POST THE FUCK UP!”

    Hell yea! What are we paying for here ?? To see that fat German fuck for days on end ??

    Oh wait. This is all free.

    Never mind.

  9. sip sip.. :) i have not prob down’n a 6 of fat tire.
    amber ale reminds me of some fine red head.. lol

    she bang ohh she bang..

  10. …”they’re at the post……..they’re off !…

    …that fine looking horse was becoming a bad habit…

    …amber ale reminds me i could use some fine head…red would be good…

    …just thinkin’ stuff…

  11. PBR is not from Wisconsin anymore, some Texas company manages it which is owned by some diamond owning company in South Africa. It breaks my heart kind of because my great uncle worked at PBR in Milwaukee. So be it, check out Lakefront Brewery I guess now. http://www.lakefrontbrewery.com/ they are at least local, but not in the cheap beer category. there is no bad beer in Idaho, nor Germany, maybe in Wisconsin. Take care everyone,
    Bifurcated Monkey, aka Piss Pump, aka Robert Hamilton