“The car did a U-turn in the street and plowed the bicyclist down…”

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This just in via email.

Des Moines police and detectives are investigating a car-bicycle accident that occurred around 9:20 a.m. today at 13th Street and University Avenue.

The motorist appears to have made a U-turn in a parking lot and deliberately drove down a sidewalk on the south side of University, hitting the man on the bike, according to reports from police and two eyewitnesses.

The bicyclist, identified as Howard Campbell, 51, was taken to a nearby hospital. Police said they do not believe his injuries are life threatening. They are searching for the driver of a gray vehicle. The driver, a male, appeared to be in his 50s, a witness said.

…One witness, Byron Keyes, said he was walking to Family Dollar Store at 1251 University Ave. when he saw the car go by, heading west. “The car did a U-turn in the street and plowed the bicyclist down. It looked intentional to me.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life,” Keyes said.

Another witness, Jerome Canon, said “The car turned around in the parking lot and ran the man down three seconds later. I called the police. I couldn’t believe it. … The way he hit him, it looked like he was aiming for him.”

Source: dmregister.com


Robert Brett Kleiber, 43, of Des Moines, called police and reportedly turned himself in following the incident at about 9:20 a.m. today. He is charged with willful injury.

Same link as above – dmregister.com

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7 Replies to ““The car did a U-turn in the street and plowed the bicyclist down…””

  1. …again…

    …disproportionate response of someone using a vehicle as a retaliatory device…

    …like killing a spider w/ a baseball bat…

    …there is obviously no justification for this shit, whatsoever…

  2. please stop posting this… its killing me.

    I understand the importance, but at least TRY to temper it with a bit of good news… please.

    this really makes me want to buy a gun and use it on these fucks.

    to officer : “If it can be called assault with a deadly weapon when someone uses a car to try to kill me, then I am justified in protecting myself against such deadly threat.”

    I just hope I never move to one of these god-awful places. If I ever do. I am sure as shit staying off the road till gas is too high for these rednecks to drive these killing machines.

    Jon, please give us some good cycling news.


  3. quote:
    “this really makes me want to buy a gun and use it on these fucks. ”

    Don’t jive us man…do it.

  4. The part that kicks me when I’m down is the reader submitted feedback to the news links.

    Invariably they’re populated with callous subhuman fucks that respond with cheerful vective or outright anger towards the cyclists/victims. That shit really make me sick for this world.

    ..I’m with bikepunk. Needing some good fukin news asap.