The cyclist triumphs

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From: Lopo
Subject: ha ha ha..silly boys
Ok, so finally a story where the cyclist triumphs over the big truck. Kind of funny. Happened right on main street here in Bozeman. So…there I was…riding along. Light turns red. I stop, of course. I am sittin there waiting for the light to turn green and this blue hillbilly truck (lifted late 70’s ford truck…very loud) pulls up next to me. 3 frat boy lookin guys are in the cab. I glance over at them and they are all starin at me. After a couple revs of their engine and a few more quick glances…I choose to ignore them…light turns green and they hit the gas hard and swerve less than 2 feet in front of me. Thank whoever that I didn’t start pedaling yet…gave me that weird feeling of sick tickle-y feeling in my stomach…

…but alas, a split second later…What do i hear? Right after they do the swift swerve in front of me but a loud BANG comes from their truck and something falls from the bottom and hits the ground making the truck slowly move to a halt. They managed to pull the truck to a parking spot…where the truck stayed and all 3 boys got out to see what happened underneath the truck. By this time I had started riding and had decided to stop a little up the road to watch them in their predicament. After about a minute the driver starts kicking his truck and one of the other guys gets on the phone….

I didn’t stay to watch any longer but i feel happy that they screwed their truck in harassment to a cyclist….hopefully they learned something…

And now I can sleep tonight. Thanks, Lopo.

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8 Replies to “The cyclist triumphs”

  1. Nah, not karma, just an increased driveshaft angle, & thus U joint wear rate, from being lifted. Get down with the materialistic random chance.

  2. The only thing that could have sweetened this story is if the local deputy was watching the whole thing and flipped on his lights when he saw the reckless driving. A citation and a repair bill. THAT’S karma!

  3. …while i totally love the instant karmic justice doled out here, the unfortunate aspect is that, ” hopefully they learned something “, translates to,” this happened cuz a that fuckin’ cyclist !”…

    …any brain small enough to find sport in using a truck to play games w/ a cyclist isn’t gonna “get” anything…