Biker Down: Pavlo Hayda

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I’ve gotten a few emails on this on so far:

From: Josh
Subject: suv runs over priest
I doubt you guys want to become a place where cyclists are eulogized, but I thought I’d pass this story along. It seems to be getting out of hand in
Chicago (four cyclists killed in the last month), just like everywhere else.

Chicago priest killed in bicycle crash
Chicago Tribune
September 5, 2007

The pastor of a Ukrainian Catholic church on Chicago’s Northwest Side died Tuesday after his bicycle collided with a sport-utility vehicle in Des Plaines, police said.

Rev. Pavlo Hayda, 42, was riding a bicycle eastbound in the 1900 block of East Oakton Street about 11 a.m. when he collided with an SUV as it was exiting the driveway of an apartment complex, police in the northwest suburb said….

I’m afraid this became a place where cyclists are eulogized a long time ago.

From: ehay
Subject: biker down-
‘collided with suv’ wtf?

Yeah, he “collided with an SUV”.

Farther in the piece:

The driver of the vehicle was ticketed for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident and failing to exercise due caution, police said.

So, the priest “collided” but the “driver” was “ticketed”?

Got that? Good.

Keep it safe out there, folks.

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One Reply to “Biker Down: Pavlo Hayda”

  1. …ya, somehow the soft machine doesn’t survive ” colliding ” w/ an suv…

    …even when i’m driving, i’m aghast to see some 17yr old chick in a car, cell phone in one hand, cigarette in the hand on the wheel, taping out a tune, doing every fucking thing but paying attention or being even remotely aware of the inherent responsibilities…

    …when i’m on a bike, i’m real concerned for my life…