Biker Down: Frank J. Cabral

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A Warwick man was killed yesterday afternoon while riding his bicycle along Route 1 south between Kings Factory Road and Posser Trail, the police said.

The accident happened around 4 p.m. when a gray Buick Rendezvous sport-utility vehicle traveling south on Route 1 veered off the road into the shoulder, fatally striking Frank J. Cabral, 41, of 90 Sheffield St., Warwick, who had left a summer cottage he was staying at on Matunuck Beach Road to go for a bicycle ride. Cabral was riding in the same direction, on the shoulder of the road, witnesses said.

…Wreckage from the crash spread across the road’s three lanes and shoulder, which prompted the police to close the road between Kings Factory Road and Posser Trail while the accident was cleared and the accident reconstruction team investigated.


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5 Replies to “Biker Down: Frank J. Cabral”

  1. There has been a Monday night time trial near there on Rt 1 for over 20 years.

    The shoulder is very wide. It is very common to see cyclists on that road. It’s flat and a good place for intervals.

    I’ve ridden that stretch of road hundreds of times. Chilling.

  2. FMR…this is a replay of Jonny’s hit and run last year. The freakin shoulder is almost as wide as a car lane. Next to the wide shoulder is not 1 but 2 car lanes. There is absolutely no reason the “veer off of the road”.

    Then I found this…

    Motorist charged in cyclist’s death on Rte. 1

    CHARLESTOWN – The police today charged the driver of the sport-utility vehicle that hit and killed a cyclist on Route 1 yesterday with driving to endanger, death resulting.

    Pamela J. Hurst, 59, was arrested on a warrant this afternoon at her 17 Danielle Ave. home in Westerly, Charlestown Lt. Jack Shippee said.

    The police say Hurst was driving her Buick Rendezvous south on Route 1 around 4 p.m. Tuesday, when she veered into the breakdown lane, striking a cyclist traveling in the same direction.

    The cyclist, Frank J. Cabral, 41, of 90 Sheffield St., Warwick, was pronounced dead at the scene. The police say Cabral was staying at a cottage on Matunuck Beach Road and had decided to go for a ride.

    Witnesses said Hurst left the road about 200 feet north of where Cabral was cycling, Shippee said. The damage to the SUV is on the front hood, windshield and roof on the driver’s side, he said.

    Hurst was treated and released from Westerly Hospital and showed no signs of intoxication, Shippee said.

    “We’re not sure why she drifted out of her lane of travel,” Shippee said. The speed limit along that stretch of road is 50 mph.

    Hurst was expected to be arraigned before a justice of peace and to appear in District Court, South Kingstown, next Thursday.

    Phone calls to Hurst’s home were not answered. Federal campaign finance records identify her as an employee of the Lockheed Martin Corp.

  3. …ah, cell phone, coffee, make-up, cd/stereo, thinking about how unfair her life is, hell, any number of ” important ” things she mighta been doing rather than paying attention or being aware that her life & obviously the lives of others were in her hands…

  4. This is so wrong in so many ways. Frank was my cousin..
    This woman should be charged with manslaughter and do some serious jail.

    I am a woman, and in my opinion I had said this before and ill say it again, Women especially those over 50 have no business driving a suv.

    Im sure what goes around comes around..She took the life of a wonderful human being who loved and was loved by everyone.

    She will have to live with knowing she KILLED a innocent man for the rest of her life.

    I will be at the court the day she is sentenced!!!!!

  5. big jonny sad news remember talking tome about frank j cabral my nephew well pamela j hurst got away with it no charges brought against her claims sun was in her eyes pulling down her vizer try to helpme in any way you can distric attorny mr jay sullivan disregarded any of the evidence that was presented to him didnt give frank a second thought he died on the rode and it didnt mean anything