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Tucson, Arizona, USA

5 Replies to “Interview with Big Tex”

  1. Speaking of snake(s). there’s a picture of what appears to be a mutilated rattlesnake on your homepage. i hope that noone you know was responsible for that. if they were, give them a whack with a four-pronged potato rake for me. how ’bout you put up a picture of a live rattlesnake? you could probably come up with one pretty easily down there. snakes are cool; all of them. anyone afraid of them enough to kill them is a fool and should live somewhere they won’t encounter them. like downtown detroit. wordup.

  2. I see the photo your talking about. Big Jonny has taken those photos over the last few years riding around here in AZ. I think that one is probably one that got run over by a car. Then you can see where someone has cut the rattler off his tail. So yeah we here at DC think that snakes and all of Gods animals are pretty fucking cool too. But if I did see a person just kill a snake for the sake of killing it. Yes my 4 prong potato rake would be a new addition to their skull. word to your bother

  3. You should know.
    The state fair of texas doesnt start till the end of the month.
    And Big Tex doesn’t walk all that much.

    Howdy, y’all.

  4. Word.
    We in the vicinity of the four corners highly respect the rattler as one of the creatures that help keep those virus spreading, furry “hantas” from taking over the world.