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Oh, I get the goods up in here. Let me assure you.

From: Primo Huesepole
Subject: cailifony gum show
well here I am in Berlin, no I didnt get deported, I owe you 5 bucks. Berlin is really crowded but it’s Fucking bike friendly as hell. we went to a bike shop, they wanted 20 e a day for bike rental, each. I sez, yeah, where is the junk shop? Hans looks at me all scared and sez, I wouldnt recommend it, but he is up the way. 10 minute walk. Kristoff rented us two three speed pilies for 70 e for a week for both! they totally suck and I am riding a girls aluminum “turbo” with front suspension and suspension seat, all very poorly maintained. So now we look like locals, and the busy traffic is very respectful of our ragged pace. you see, here in berlin, if you are driving a car and a cyclist falls down a block away from you, you can lose your license!!! HAHA!! Ther are LOTS of cyclist and everyone rides 21 speed aluminum rigs with half inflated tires, and they dice it up with confidence and outlaw rider style with augmented law enforced confidence. Yeeh haw! acourse there was one fixy at kristoff’s and he was looking at it with contempt. he was even surpised that we took 3 speed coaster brake rigs, thought that was exotic.. Hind site is 20/20, if i had my head on straight, i woulda brought my multi-alien and tweeked on these
bitches a bit.

oh yeah, there are a lot of uber tall skinny white chicks here and GREAT food an of course amazing beer and coffee. I will write more as soon as I can shake this fucking jet lag. I still dont wake up fully until about 4 in the afternoon, not good for a guy that is suposed to be on the clock for the next 6 days.

Tu Migo,
Primo Huesepole

Some guys have all the luck…

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