Happy Friday

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This week I split the uprights and got a Happy Friday post up on a Friday. Sometimes you’re in front of the eight ball, and sometimes you’re behind it. I’m not sure yet which I prefer, so I’ll keep alternating between the two and get back to you with my impressions, depressions and distortions next week. We all do what we can in this life, don’t we?

I got in all of an hour on my single speed yesterday morning, and it left me wanting. It didn’t so much appease my appetite as merely whet it. So far today I haven’t ridden at all. Makes yesterday look fucking great. Go figure.

Life is all about perspectives, ain’t it?

Link dump:

[What?] abcnews.go.com
[Good times] myspace.com/thesnowballwar
[Upcoming event] dakotafiveo.com
[Fucking hippies] freegan.info
[He did it on a fixie] blogs.jsonline.com

And now a few emails:

From: Elk
Subject: Rider down
Hey Jonny,
I posted this story on my blog a while back. Your recent posts about fallen cyclists reminded me that I never got around to sending you the link. Here’s the link:

Right on. And well said.

From: John
Subject: I hope I live long enough….
….to see a funnier sentence in print:

BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 31 — If Senator Larry E. Craig yields to calls for his resignation amid allegations that he solicited sex in an airport bathroom, his successor would be chosen by a fellow Republican who once entered a tight-jeans contest — and won.
Here’s the rest.

Oh shit…

From: Tall Paul
Subject: FW: Man this guy is smart!

PBS Special that did a phenomenal job showing the Bush/Cheney marketing lies that led to the war:

Oh, such fun.

From: The Most Factory Blog
Subject: ralph wheels
Pulled my first century on Saturday. My only regrets, wearing the black swobowool jersey in about 85 degrees out in the cornfields of illin-noise. But these are my home roads baby! Daddy had to finish strong. I kept reminding myself it’s time to ‘harden the fuck up’.

Robbie Ventura was there with his vision quest peeps. Come on, you’re impressed! Did I speak to Robbie? No. I tried to say “mornin'” to one girl on his team but she acted like she didn’t hear me. Anyway he seemed cool on oln.

So it was like my own breaking away sort of.

Good on ya.

A few people have asked me lately, jonny, what are you reading? Too fucking much, that’s what. In no particular order (other than the order in which they are stacked on my desk, larger hardcovers at the bottom, smaller softcovers at the top) this is what I’ve been going through of late:

  • Flying Scotsman ~ Graeme Obree
  • High-Tech Cycling ~ Edmund Burke
  • Science of Cycling ~ Edmund Burke
  • The Ultimate Ride ~ Chris Carmichael
  • Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures ~ Edited by Erich Schweikher
  • From Lance to Landis ~ David Walsh
  • My Life ~ Bill Clinton
  • Under the Banner of Heaven ~ John Krakauer

Under the Banner of Heaven is a second go through post return from Lovedawg. He was interested in Mormons I suppose. Life long learner or some shit.

With that last one I’ve pretty much insured both Lovedawg and the Mormon Sensation are going to put me in a spot of difficulty next time they find me on the group ride. Too bad for them I won’t be out there tomorrow morning.

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6 Replies to “Happy Friday”

  1. Freeganism = dumpster diving. Big Jonny, the Husky Midget sends greetings from Peeeyay.

  2. While not a Krakuer (sp?, who cares) fan, Under the Banner of Heaven is a case study in how fundamentalism (IN ANY FORM), is dangerous. Taking the sacred word, whether it be Jesus, Mohammad or Phil Liggett, and interpreting it to suit your needs is not righteous, but instead closed minded, self-serving and the first step towards totalitarianism. Once you think you’ve got it figured out … YOU ARE FUCKED!! Jonny, keep asking the hard questions.

  3. …bikepunk, you sleazy, deplorable, misogynistic s.o.b…

    …maybe girl on girl action …a little spanking thrown in ?…you direct, i’ll do script ?…

    …just saying…

  4. little late but happy friday back at ya, yes life is a flow of
    constant change that allows growth.. as for my status, drove
    2.5 days stopping 2 times overnight for the little ones..
    1200 miles man oh man.. vegas to oregon. came here to start
    all over with my family.. bikes drove with me ;-) never pack the
    bike all..hehe

    i put the dc sticker on the vw van and it was good luck.. what a drive tho-.. pets and kids.. felt like i was in the circus.