Gonzo bids adieu

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Gonzo walks away after what Bush describes as “months of unfair treatment”.

My heart bleeds. Really

“After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to submit his resignation and I have accepted his decision,” Bush said from Texas, where he is vacationing.

…Bush denounced what he called “unfair treatment” that he said prevented Gonzales from adequately doing his job. He said the attorney general’s “good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”

Source: guardian.co.uk

Dragged through the mud for political purposes? I guess when you come from the Rove Perspective, where everything is political and everything is fair game, you see any criticism through the same lens: Your opponents could not possible mean what they say, they only say it to gain advantage as you do without hesitation whenever the opportunity arises. There is no substance to their criticisms, as there is none to your own. The treatment of your people is always “unfair”, as your treatment of other is always unfair as well.

What’s next for Gonzo? Private practice back in Texas? (read: Dollar Signs $$$ out the ass) That’s my bet. If he’s subpoenaed again by the Democrats in Congress, he’ll probably just claim “executive privilege” via fax and still make his tee time with Harriet at some posh West Texas resort.

Thanks for the memories, Gonzo. You really are a complete douche.

I find it strangely ironic that Bush is often credited with promoting women and minorities in his administration. If Harriet Meyers and Alberto Gonzales are any indication of the type of utterly incompetent and unquestionably loyal “Bushies” who are to be touted as Champions in the Struggle for Equal Rights; we’ve all taken a giant collective step backwards. These two are nothing anyone should aspire to be. They are, in a word, an embarrassment.

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18 Replies to “Gonzo bids adieu”

  1. Beautiful! Bush’s operation “Human Shield” is falling apart. No Rove, no Rummy, no Gonzales, there is some serious holes in the shield. Now, maybe Cheney’s heart will finally explode (oops, forgot, he has no heart) and Bushy will be solo. When are one of his puppets going to roll on Bush and say that Cheney is running everything and the only thing Bush does all day is run around the Oval Office in his tightie-whities pretending he is Tom Cruise in Risky Business and pick lint from his belly button?

  2. Can we stop using the term “Gonzo” in relation to this waste of skin? “Gonzo” to me is a descriptive reserved specifically for Hunter S. Thompson, one of my personal heroes. Big Jon, you waxed most eloquently on his passing as I recall and I’m suprised to see you tie that word to this stain on American history.

  3. Nice post Jonny.
    They can all resign now, Gonazles, Rove, Miers. Bushco has done what it set out to do. The richest people in American and their coporations are richer than ever. The military industrial complex has expanded to new heights and oil companies are more profitable than ever. Bush just has to run the clock for 18 months and then go build his library full of comic books.
    The rest of us get to clean up the f-ing mess. The former Bush admin officials can fend off the congressional investigations from the relative comfort of being a regular civilian now.
    Mission Accomplished.

  4. Sorelegs hit it right on the head with “Mission Accomplished.” The only truly unfair treatment is reflected in the fact that Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales et al will likely never see a day behind bars for their crimes.

  5. Unfortunately you’re all right. Thanks especially to sorelegs.

    I’ve been using the word “embarassment” to describe this pack of criminals since day one. “Compassionate consevative” was just the first lie, and the shape of things to come.

    Hopefully we will, as O’Grady once implored “read the resume a bit closer next time”, although I doubt our collective intellect can handle more than a few short monosyllablic bursts. Present company excepted, of course.

  6. …agreed…sorelegs succinctly nailed it…

    …always been my contention that bushco has achieved what it set out to do, & somehow we let it happen, despite our best intentions…

  7. Good riddance to bad garbage.

    Molly Ivins wrote (paraphrasing…) in the introduction to her last book about Shrub “We were going to call this book’If y’all had read the first one, we woudn’t be in this mess in the first place.’

    Sum it up. If anyone seriously looked at how Bush ran the state of Texas into the ground, maybe… MAYBE we wouldn’t have been saddled with this titanic or a presidency/ administration, etc…

    Time will only tell if the Dem’s grow a goddamn pair. I’m not holding my breath.

  8. I agree with Heckler, “Gonzo” is the wrong term. I’ve always preferred “Abu Gonzales” as a nod to his opinion on the quaintness of international laws that prohibit torturing people to death before you charge, try, and convict them.

  9. Janet Reno? Name sounds familiar. Let me see, Waco, Branch Davidians, dead women and kids, Ruby Ridge, Mrs. Randy Weaver, no loss of civil liberties there, Elian Gonzales, yeah, I remember now. That’s how an AG is supposed to act, not like that criminal Alberto.

  10. Enron’s landman (the biggest bastard at any oil company) Will split time with an old line frim between Houston and DC, selling access to all the assholes he appointed. He & Condi will very, very likely be held accountable in international and possibly US courts in the 10 to 20 years it normally takes to bring torture and human rights cases to the Hague. Perhaps they can get some saddle time in while they are there. 5+ years to get good chains of evidence out, another 5 to 10 percolating through courts. Kissinger came very close to getting his due, they will not miss with these two.

  11. You weaken your argument when you compare Gonzalez to Reno. You make the assumption that as long as he was better than Reno (your opinion) then it does not matter how bad Gonzalez is. Reno has not been AG for quite a while. Do you not have anything better to offer than “Well, at least he was not Janet Reno?”

    But, if you must compare, you would be better served to leave Ruby Ridge out of your arguments. The siege happened on Bush the Elder’s watch (1992). Clinton and Reno were left with the unpleasant job of cleaning up a bush mess.

    As far as Waco goes, if you want to ignore the report put out by a Republican headed committee which put the majority of the blame on the Branch Davidians for starting the fire which claimed many of the lives, fine. I still say that making ignoring the Geneva Convention OK and justifying torture is much worse than anything Reno ever thought about.