Happy Friday Plus One Day

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I set out this morning right about the time our local group ride hits off. I was a good ten minutes behind ’em, and that was on purpose. What I need is some steady “jonny time” riding. And lots of it.

I told someone I needed about a thousand hours in the saddle before I’d start feeling all right again. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The upside of my lateness was I ran into Brinky and The Bus heading back into town. Don’t make a fuss, just get on the bus…

He pulled me for miles asking nothing in return. He just clicks out the tempo like a machine. Nice work Bus, I owe ya one.

Brinky leaves tomorrow for the Triathlon World Championships in Hamburg, Germany. He’s planned a week in Paris following the event for him and the missus. Good on ya, Brinky. You’re a prince among thieves.

And then some.

Link dump:

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[Golf car DUI?] thesuperficial.com
[Assclowns] cnn.com
[Elephant Head MTB Challenge pics] picasaweb.google.com
[Agustín Aguayo] aguayodefense.org


From: Stephen
Subject: Cycling in Tucson
This is a great way to start the week: regulus2.azstarnet.com
Tucson once again shooting to retain it’s “Shithole of the Southwest” title. Based on my personal, daily experience Tucson should be sued for false advertising. “Bicycle friendly” it ain’t. I’ve never understood the high Bicycling mag (itself a joke) ratings. They must only talk to government officials, not everyday cyclists.

In this case, it’s a great way to end the week as I didn’t post that email for two days. Go figure.

Same old shit, lots of really nice comments. Good thing I’m “cyber tough”. I can take it.

From: Joe
Subject: DC in Canada, eh?
Visit logassociation.org then check out the pictures of the 2007 Abbottsford Conference. You’ll see yours truly running a chainsaw in the log builder games while flying the DC flag.

Right on.

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  1. Hold on a minute Stephen, The title “Shithole of the Southwest” belongs to Las Vegas. It is also a “bike friendly” city. The good people over at Bicycling mag said so on page 48 of the September 07 issue.