Sad day in Pittsburgh

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Another friend has fallen to an automobile accident. Honorary cyclist, Malice.


From one of Malice’s best friends:

This is awful news so I won’t try to polish it. One of our best friends is dead. And you can say it’s not a human life, but we’ve all lost a friend in Malice.

What an awesome dog. A dog trained to jump into a messenger bag (facing left so she’ll ride with her head facing forward). A dog trained to keep quiet at the bar in hopes of a stray French fry. A dog that could run 20 miles on the singletrack in Frick Park, and still keep up with you at 20mph on the Southside bike path.

The consummate lap dog, if Malice had a fault it was being too damn nice.

Malice got hit by a car. What can I say? It sucks. Life goes on. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

This pooch spent countless miles in The Polish Hammer’s messenger bag, both on his back and at the bar. Ran alongside during 24hr races. Rode along for a day of deliveries. Made the trip with us back in February to the Stuporbowl.

Malice will be missed.

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9 Replies to “Sad day in Pittsburgh”

  1. Hey man,

    Sorry to hear about the little soldier going down. I’ve lost dogs, to old age and to cars. Never easy seeing the most loyal and honesy “person” you’ll ever know go down. Stay strong, man.

  2. …sorry about yer little cycle pal, ‘poham’…

    …w/ a spike collar, name like ‘malice’ & i’ll bet a mini snarl on her face, i know i woulda dug her…

  3. Dear Polish Hammer,

    I rode with Malice on a few occations and loved seeing her run/ride right along with the group. My dog is the best riding partner ever and it will crush me to lose her. My thoughts are with you and the memories of your bad ass little dog.


  4. Malice was one of the coolest dogs on planet earth. Thats about all I can say. My heart goes out to the hammer especially, I know he has to be feeling it right now.

  5. Sorry about your loss Hammer. I’m sure the two of you will ride together again someday.