Five am blues

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It’s the middle of the night and I’m awake again. This could be my new thing. I’ve been up since 2:30am.

Shit. Someone’s gotta watch the sun warm in the east every morning. It might as well be me, I suppose.

In my garage, at the moment, there are no less than three shady rear road wheels. That would be the one I bitched up on Wednesday, some god-awful clapped out thing Bensy and Snake treated like a three dollar whore for years and my busted up Rolf. I didn’t know the Rolf was busted till I took it out of the bag (yes, it’s been in a wheel bag for well over a year) and slid it in pinky.

Maybe that didn’t come out right…

Anyway, the hub cracked like many of them did. This is an old wheel we’re talking about, as in years old. It’s no bueno. I didn’t take any pics, but you can find ’em on the net already:…broken-rolf-wheel and

Looks like I’m going to have to steal the wheels off my wife’s bike to get out on the Saturday ride this week. I mentioned something to her about “borrowing” her rear wheel and she said, “Absolutely not. Break your own stuff.”

Decisions, decisions…

Today’s link dump:

[How’d they do that?]
[Tucson crazy town]
[Oh for fucks sake…]
[Monocycle replica]
[Monocycle in action]

Let the good times roll.

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13 Replies to “Five am blues”

  1. I broke a Rolf near the freehub body, looked like an extra spacer,
    ohh and my wife says the same thing, please leave my bike alone
    break yer own stuff.

    Have a Great Weekend All,

  2. I get that middle of the night shit too sometimes. The only advice I have for you would be to just call the police station, tell them you did it, and could they please wait till the morning to come pick you up. Promise them a full confession as well as some jellyrolls and they are far more likely to let you get some rest.

  3. I was up then too, except I was drunk as shit!! Everybody needs to go to Austin, TX tomorrow for Red Bull Flugtag!!!! If anybody goes I’ll be some guy dressed up in overalls and a beard, come find me! Check our website.

  4. $300.00 dollars for a chest hupmpin? I’ve gotten more for two beers and not had the police called. These ho’s in Tucson must be loco. Or is it the Johns are that stupid. Maybe it was just a bang brothers taping gone wrong. Who knows, Tucson is a crazy place. Later


    More at 11.

  6. Big J,
    Take that Rolf wheel to your nearest Trek dealer. They’ll come good since Bontrager bought em out back then (along with all of the warranties). Not the best bet, but better than another P.O.S. in the garage.

  7. LAFFIN.. titty fuck gone bad.. ( bang bros ) LOL
    also side note they will replace that rolf wheel.. Im running
    on bong-tragers ;-)

  8. …sounds like a lotta hubbub…

    …ah, yes, love is in the air in tucson & maybe the ny peleton…

    …bikepunk gets major network contract…more @ 11…

  9. Hey big J, you riddin’ Shitmanno? I have a set of Fir rims, AC hubs and 28 spoke DT Blades. I’d be willing to let the set go if the price is right. Shoot me an email and we’ll hagle.