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"measures, daily, just how quickly we are destroying our atmosphere. thinks riding bikes might just help this problem. tapes his middle finger to the handlebar (unsuccessfully represses rage). mountainbikes in lycra. Tomac did it. he does it. he's not Tomac." Missoula, Montana, USA

13 Replies to “Biker Down”

  1. “God had her in the right place at the right time.” (the off duty EMT)

    I don’t know how her head didn’t explode from the cognitive dissonance.

  2. ** chills on my whole body ** everyone that gets hit its like
    family, if you know what i mean..

    peace on the streets,

  3. Crawling in a hole means they win, the biggest problem is what they are getting charged for, it seems like a slap on the wrist, there are times where it is an “accident” but there needs to be stiffer laws.

  4. dont ride Vegas when the light go down in the City..
    wait the lights are always on.. doh.. being a cyclist in this
    town is like riding with a gun to your head.. 4 years and ive had
    enuff.. bicycling mag said its the 2nd best city for bikes..
    do they want people dead?? first big ride to work and i got
    t-boned.. but lucky skills came into play and i did the ol’ front break super man shit.. ;-)safe landing on the sidewalk..

    I was like shit i can ride in S.F can handle me alittle vegas
    naaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaa,

    * They worry more about what u did to the car *
    ( off soap box )

  5. When is this shit going to end? We’re damned if we ride in the streets, but even more damned if we drive in the streets. I kind of feel like crawling into a hole too…

  6. Big Jonny: maybe it’s time to change the name of your web site to “sobercyclist.” After living a few years in New Mexico, which has a terrible drunk driving problem – I resolved never to drive after having even just one glass of wine/beer/whatever – period. I can’t understand why its allowed – if not encouraged – to drive to dinner/a bar/sporting event/whatever – drink, and drive on? Even one serving is an impairment. But our society worships money – and alcohol makes a lot of money for restaurants/quickimarts/tax collectors. So its accepted as normal to drink a glass or two and get behind the wheel – which means some some find it acceptable to drink three or four or more and get behind the wheel. Big Jonny – maybe you should stop glorifying alcohol consumption given the havoc a drink driver caused you and your family. But please don’t stop bashing Bush.

  7. Maybe what we need is a lynchin’ on shitty ass drivers like this dick-cheese. If a guy wants to ride in the middle of the night he should be able to, just being a bit more careful.

  8. IF you want to tell me that I can’t go to a restaurant and have 2 glasses of wine with my dinner and then drive home, then you can go fuck yourself. Drunk drivers should be strung up by their balls. But neo-prohibition like LenTheTen suggests is fucking retarded

  9. Its not neo-prohibition, its called being responsible. Its been proven that even one glass or wine or beer or whatever impairs your response time, coordination and other faculties.

    So instead of a cyclist you hit, maybe you are looking for a lighter for your smoke for .73 seconds and in that time, you sideswipe a car with a pregnant woman in it?

    What if someone who only had one beer at the game rear-ended you giving you whiplash?

    What if someone who only had one drink ends up looking for their never-stops-ringing cell phone and blows a stop sign, t-boning your teenage kid and killing him.

    All these people had just one drink, remember?

  10. True ’nuff. That’s how the courts would see it. Age has given me new perspective on just how stupid I was in terms of drinking and driving. Not only do you risk hurting someone else, but you risk losing EVERYTHING you know and love…it ain’t worth it. But this is what I CHOOSE..and I don’t want anybody telling me I can’t have a beer and drive home if I want.

  11. My brother spent some time teaching in Japan, drunkcyclist rule…they are among other drunkcyclist. The problem is the drunk in the 2.5 ton fuel powered weapon. Instead of wasting our resources blowing up mud huts and the people in them, we should be building communities that are conducive to human powered transport (bicycles).